Wiggles & Wigglett update, Dopey.

Posted November 19, 2009 4:14 pm
We don't to count our eggs before they hatch over here...or rather our puppies....but the breeder who has been helping us thinks that the last little Wigglett is going to pull through. She has been diagnosed with Giardia and Coccidia, which are infections that can be caused by ingesting trace amounts of animal feces that contain a cyst or small sac that enters the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. They attach to the small intestine where they produce disease by taking away nutrients from your dog. The protozoa also produce harmful substances. Left untreated, Giardia can damage the lining of the small intestine and cause scaring. Coccidia is a similar parasite that affects the intestinal tract. Unlike the possible causes of giardia in dogs most likely from lakes and streams, coccidiosis can be contracted by eating feces directly. These diseases interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food. As can be expected, when you don't get the nutrients you need, you lose weight and appear to have less energy. This seems to fit what happened with the puppies, although would not be responsible for the cause of death of the male pup. Our little girl is still at the breeder's house, she's been there since Wednesday morning.
Wiggles is likely the carrier of the disease/worms and she has already started treatment for it. Overall, she is doing OK, but is very distressed to be away from her pups. Last night she completely tore up her nursery looking for them. We had quite a mess to clean up following her destruction :)  She is being pampered and distracted as much as possible until her puppy can come home. 

Thank you to all who have donated to the puppies. We're not out of the woods yet, but things are looking up. We're very grateful to all those who have helped thus far. Hopefully we will have more good news soon!

On another positive note, CONGRATULATIONS to Dopey who was adopted last night! Be a good boy in your new forever home buddy!! :) 

Rescuer's Prayer

Posted November 18, 2009 10:53 am


Posted November 17, 2009 10:38 am

Today (11-16-09) was a very sad day. Baby Boy Bullie passed away at 5pm at a local veterinary hospital. Although our hearts are breaking, we cannot take time to stop and grieve. Baby Girl Bullie is hanging onto life and in critical condition. We have another possible owner surrender coming in. And let's not forget, we have over 30 other bullies in foster care, who still need our attention. Our tears flow as we continue to work. 

We are unsure the cause of death, and although a necropsy will be performed, the COD may never be known. The following is the sequence of events that led up to the death of Baby Boy Bullie.

Both pups had lost over an ounce in weight (keep in mind they only weight 8-12 ounces, so an ounce is a drastic drop in weight). They were losing interest in the mother's milk. So at midnight, we began bottle feeding Esbilac (a milk replacement). At 3am, we bottle fed again. By 10am the puppies were not eating at all. They refused the bottle, they refused the mother's nipples. The boy began acting "loopy" there's no other way to describe it. He could not hold his head up. He wobbled. He collapsed. He cried the saddest cry. The girl refused to eat as well, and she cried constantly also, but she did not appear to have the same behavioral changes. She still seemed stable. We consulted a breeder, we googled...a lot. We called the vet and described what was happening. Dr. Sands and Dr. Lera rushed back from lunch to meet us at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital. They checked the puppies. We attempted to get them to nurse again. Wiggles was crying and squirming so much, that Dr. Lera had to hold her down while Cyndi and Mommie Neely tried to force the pups to nurse. After little success, it was determined that the mom's milk may be bad. It wasn't as white as what it should be. Although it wasn't a strong green color, perhaps it was on its way to that. Mastitis (bacterial infection of the teats) could be dangerous to the nursing pups. No more nursing off mom. But it also seems that the Esbilac supplement is not setting well with them. Goat's milk is the next option- raw goat's milk. We don't have goats. Where do we get raw goat's milk? We head home and start googling. Whole Foods- no. Fresh Market- no. Organic Pestores- no. Publix- maybe...."organic goat's milk", this may work? maybe? We decide to call Dr. Fox at River Bridge Animal Hospital where the puppies were delivered. "He appears purple now", we tell Dr Fox. He suggests we start antibiotics...the puppy may be septic. This makes sense. Sepsis is an overwhelming bacterial infection in the body that can cause organs to fail and a change in mental status (OK so Mommie Neely is thinking of her human patients, but the same holds true for animals...remember how we described the puppy acting loopy!!) Mommie Erica heads out the door to pick up liquid antibiotics and goat's milk at Publix. She doesn't get far when she turns around, change of plans. No time for us to attempt to treat this at home, he's fading fast! We head to the Emergency Specialist vet and wait as they look over the puppies. They recommend x-rays and blood work for the boy. The girl can go home, with strict orders to keep her warm. Her temperature was very low, likely from the trip to the vet and the cold clinic. We pack up the girl and Wiggles and are pulling out of the parking lot. The phone rings. The Baby Boy has stopped breathing. Do we want to continue CPR? Yes, anything to save him. Anything... anything! After about 10 minutes it's clear- he's too fragile and CPR is too harsh. To continue would be in vain and just cause damage to his delicate lungs and rib cage. CPR was stopped at Baby Bullie Boy was let go to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Below is a link to a youtube video taken hours before Baby Boy Bullie passed away.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R87nrxZLmRY

It is hard to watch. You can see that something is not right with him. We knew he was suddenly sick, but what do we do? We rushed to the vet twice, but it was too late. He died at only 6 days of age. We paid to have a necropsy done on the boy. His body will be sent to a pathologist in an attempt to find out his cause of death. It could really be anything. Dr. Fox that delivered the babies via c-section said that this kind of stuff happens. Whole litters die, babies pass, sometimes it's beyond human control. Wiggles had absolutely no pre-natal care during her entire pregnancy... we were lucky to have the 2 survive as long as they have. This is all so sad, we are completely devastated. Thoughts, feelings, anger, resentment, desperation.... we cannot possible put all this into words.  This is the reason we fight so hard against backyard breeders and beg pet owners to SPAY/NEUTER. Breeding should only be done by a licensed, knowledgeable individual who actually cares more about the animal than the money. Unfortunately that is not the reality we live in, and this is the result of such careless, reckless, selfish breeding. Out of the 3 puppies Wiggles birthed, only the girl remains. She is in critical condition. At midnight, after several failed attempts at feeding, we travelled 40 minutes to a breeder's house who offered her assistance. The Baby Girl Bullie was tube fed and given injections of fluids. She is severely dehydrated and struggling to hang on. We must continue to attempt feedings every 2 hours and give her injections to keep her hydrated. If she survives the night, she may have a fighting chance....

This is a pic of the two of them before they started to fade: 

We left the breeders house shortly after midnight.... she spent a good 2 hours with us as she cared for the pup and sent us home with everything we'd need to get thru the night and continue intensive care. We stayed up all night feeding & haven't gone to sleep yet; injecting, stimulating, feeding the baby girl trying to keep her alive. Every 2 hours she needs to be fed, every 12 hours she needs meds, every so often she needs a needle in the back of her neck to administer fluids under her skin. As of 8:00 this morning she is doing much better. The breeder called us first thing this morning and was really surprised she made it thru the night. She offered further assistance to keep baby girl for the day if we could bring her back down to her as she would continue to medicate, tube feed, inject, etc. We are hopeful for her survival and very grateful to this breeder. Thank you Andy, for putting us in touch. Updates to come...

Update: Wiggles & the Wiggletts

Posted November 15, 2009 7:37 am

Puppy duty is hard work….. but oh, so worth it. Mommie Wiggles and her Wiggletts are doing well. It’s so funny because already, we can see a huge difference in the personalities of the pups. The white little girl is soft, sweet and submissive.  She’s so good and is an “easy” puppy. The boy…. well, let’s just say he’s trouble! He’s going to be a little stinker when he gets older. Already, he whines and fusses…… he’s very active. Even with his eyes still unopened, he’s a little explorer…. Constantly venturing off his nice cozy bed to explore the rest of the crib, while his sis lays sleeping in her corner unmoved. They are so cute together! Wiggles is doing better, she’s such a good mommie. We are feeding her special Canidae canned food and supplementing her with Ensure drinks and Pedialyte to keep her hydrated and healthy. She would much rather go to the potty on the floor in the nursery room where her pups are than go when we are on our brief recovery walks thou. The pups are not even 1 week old yet…. Days like these are ones we’ll look back on and treasure the memories… that’s why we’re taking tons of pics! Enjoy!

Hamlet is ready for adoption! So is Kira, Bonnie, Pebbles & Dino!

Posted November 15, 2009 1:08 am

Wiggles and the Wiggletts, Bones, Mack, Hamlet

Posted November 13, 2009 3:05 pm
We know everyone is very anxious for updates on our new little rescues. We try to post brief updates on Facebook daily, so please friend us there if you have not already. (http://www.facebook.com/adoptabull) Sorry we cannot answer all your questions or reply with comments, we're quite busy as you can imagine!
Momma wiggles and her pups are doing good so far. Of course, it's only day 4 :)  Wiggles is still very pale, her gums are faint pink. Nursing is a very stressful job and she is getting a lot of supplements and rest in between. The pups are nursing about every 3 hours now. The boy weighs a healthy 17 ounces and the girl is almost 11 ounces. We're trying to increase the time mamma and pups get to bond- the more bonding time they have the better. So after nursing we let Momma Wiggles lick and clean and snuggle with her little babies for a little while before they go back in their crib. Between the nursings, they are in a crib away from the mom so that they don't get hurt. Bullies mammas are large girls and one roll-over or accidental paw step could be fatal. Below are some pics of the little Wiggletts and their exhausted momma.
Other bullie updates:
  • Bones & Mack were adopted this week

  • Hamlet is getting neutered today

Day 1 Home with Wiggles & the pups.

Posted November 11, 2009 6:50 pm

Yesterday was one of the most eventful days in the history of Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Wiggles had 3 pure English Bulldog puppies. 1 solid white female, 1 white & fawn/brindle male…. and another female white/brown that unfortunately didn’t make it.  Lucky for us, we were able to sit in on the surgery/c-section and photographed the entire procedure. After what we thought was a considerably successful procedure we had a major setback. We were on the way out the door, literally in the car, when we had to turn right back around. Wiggles had blood (more than usual amounts) seeping out of her incision site, and her color was extremely poor, gums basically white/very pale pink. The vet put her back under and re-opened her up attempting to find the source of the problem.  Not sure exactly where at the blood was coming from, he cleaned her up again really good and sealed her back up. After a little over 7 hours, we all were on our way back home. Yesterday night, the first day home was the worst. No amount of prepping, or speaking to breeders could prepare us for what we were about to be throw into. Pups must be separate from mom except for supervised interaction and feeding time. Pups must nurse every 2 hours with our assistance positioning, adjusting, and monitoring. At around 2:00 am Wiggles temp shot up to 104.7 and we almost had to admit her to the ER. Luckily, with cold compresses and fluids, it began to drop slowly and by noon today it had returned back to normal. Mommie Neely came over today while Mommie Erica went to work for 4 hours. Every 2 hours they must nurse and be stimulated manually by us with cotton balls and warm water to poop and pee. Wiggles may take over these duties in about 48 when she’s completely recovered from the anesthesia. Wiggles is doing fine now, she is a great mommie. We am very impressed actually, not ever having to go thru this type of thing before, Wiggles is making it easy on us. She is fantastic & we are so proud of her. She's on antibiotics and pain meds so maybe that's helping to an extent, but really she is a great mom. At the vet, they put warm water inside a latex glove so the pups would be warm on the way home and our boy started nursing on the warm water fingers! HA!  (See Below) The pictures document Wiggles c-section from the surgery prep to arrival home with the pups nursing.  Enjoy!

We wanted to thank Dr. Fox and his staff at River Bridge Animal Hospital for a job well done and for their help during the miracle birthing of Wiggles and her Wigglettes. Thanks also to the current local foster homes that have doubled up on foster dogs temporarily to relieve the burden at Mommie Erica's house. Sad to say at a time like this, but we do need more foster homes as the needs of the rescue bullies are never ending. Even though we are technically "full" we are still attempting to deal with the calls that keep coming from owner surrenders and the needs of bulldogs at county kill shelters as they come in. Toodles for now, off for feeding time again. - Mommie Erica & Mommie Neely  Oh, check out this video of the proud Mommie & bullie pupsL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6Z4uoZ6j94

We are ALL home...

Posted November 10, 2009 9:01 pm
... and exhausted. Wiggles was pregnant with 3.... 1 of the girls didn't make it. Updates tomorrow. For a sneak peek and hourly updates posted in real time, check out our facebook: www.facebook.com/adoptabull

Wiggles' temp is down to 99.2, Puppies!

Posted November 9, 2009 11:13 pm

By now you have all heard the story of Wiggles, but for those of you that haven’t had a chance to read her story, here is the Reader’s Digest version:

Wiggles was being sold on the internet for $300.  If you had an extra $200 you could have the artificial insemination kit.  Well, we didn’t want the kit but we were not going to leave Wiggles in a situation where she was going to be used as a puppy maker.  Thanks to Mommie Neely who let us borrow $300 we were able to arrange the “sale.”  Mommie Beth drove to Kendall to pick up the poor baby.  She was filthy, her nails were long, and her nipples practically dragged on the ground.  The seller claimed: “She only had one litter but that was before I got her.  She had 11 in that litter!” Anyway, Mommie Beth took her back to her house to wait for the glorious day that she would be spayed.  YEAH!  It’s the big day!!  Off Wiggles goes to the vet, but much to everyone’s surprise, rather than getting spayed, she was pronounced “Pregnant!”  So now she is at Mommie Erica’s awaiting the big day when she gives birth to her two puppies.  That brings us to today…

Wiggles’ previous owner FINALLY called Mommie Erica back after almost a week of leaving messages for him.  Mommie Erica says that she needs information from him and she needs him to be 100% honest.  Her first question?  “Are the puppies inside Wiggles mixed puppies?”  His reaction??  “WHAT?”  Yup, he flipped out.  He had no idea that she was pregnant which was evident by his reaction, cussing, and the unbelievable next statement, “I can’t believe it took!!”  Needless to say Mommie Erica wanted to know what he meant by that.  “It took!  I artificially inseminated her but I didn’t think it worked!!”  Can you believe this guy? 

 Mommie Erica went on to ask him about the obvious multiple litters Wiggles has had and how was that possible when he told her that he had her since she was a puppy?  He never said that (of course).  He bought her a bit over a year ago from some guy and he paid $1,000 for her.  He went on to say that the reason he got rid of her was because she was shi***** on the floor in his trailer and he was sick of cleaning up after her. He wanted puppies from her and when it wasn’t working he wanted to give her up. Anyway, Mommie Erica proceeds with many questions about the sire of the pups and kindly requests a picture of him. 

Now, here’s the best part.  Guess what he asks Mommie Erica…  “Will you sell me one of the puppies?”  Are you kidding right now???  Really???  “Why do you want a puppy when you just sold me your dog?”  Says Mommie Erica.  He didn’t want an old dog like Wiggles.  He wants to start fresh with a puppy! 


Update: As of approx 5:00pm Wiggles temp has dropped to 99.2 degrees. We called the original owner back to ask of the artificial insemination date.... 9-12-09, or possibly 9-11-09. From talking to a few Bulldog breeders, they give birth between 60 and 63 days, but 59 days is not unheard of. The worst thing that could happen is if she starts to push and "free whelp" or have the babies on her own.... this is extremely dangerous to momma and pups. A c-section for sure should be in order for any pregnant female English Bulldog. We are hoping to hold off from going to the Emergency Room this evening to have puppies.... if Momma can hold off we will have a scheduled c-section tomorrow afternoon. Needless to say, Wiggles will be monitored thru the night with Mommie Erica very close by.

Zana made it to rescue today...(Thanks to Auntie Shontell!)

Posted November 8, 2009 5:30 pm

Today I learned what “rescue” means in many senses of the word – I know Erica and Neely have seen worse, but this was pretty darn ugly and extremely sad.   Last Sunday, Erica asked me if I could pick up a surrender in my area and I immediately told her I would be happy to....it didn’t happen last week, the owner hadn’t gotten around to filling out the paperwork.  Time kept passing and I thought, oh well, they probably changed their minds.  As the weekend got closer I get the call....the paperwork is here, let’s set a time and place to meet.  The owner was getting her hair done yesterday and when I offered to pick the dog up from their home she said, “it's really messy because we are moving”. So we agreed to meet the next morning.

I asked a few questions just be sure I had all the information I needed for Erica since this was my first “surrender” where I felt responsible. I asked about shots...her “boyfriend gives them to the dogs and she knows she had them recently, but I’m not sure what they were”.  Ok, have you ever taken her to the vet? “no, I don’t think so”  The paperwork says she doesn’t get along with other animals but that you have a dog and two cats, can you explain....”well, she is ok once she knows them but she does still go after my cats sometimes”.  Alrighty then.

Moving on to the get together...I knew I was getting a “female, approximately 6 years old who is great with people but not so great with other dogs and or other animals...until she gets to know them because she likes to dominate, be the alpha...she is not spayed and supposedly had a litter a few years ago.”  There were no listed medical issues but a mention of “nail clipping is a two person job”.  The reason for surrender: A friend of a friend left her with us a few months ago to travel and now we can’t reach him to take her back.  We don’t have time to care for her.

When I arrived at the location to the meetup location we agreed upon, I saw a pretty bully girl watching the world go by and then I immediately noticed her nails...long....like Guinness book record holder long.  Ick.  I didn’t comment.  I talked with the owner – who was very nice, by the way – and found out she had tracked down the prior owner and confirmed he definitely didn’t want her back. And, P.S. - she is about 8 or 9 YEARS OLD.  About this time I noticed the yucky mass on Zana’s leg that was oozing. The owner gave me a bag with some treats and some Otomax in it...explaining that Zana had an ear problem a while back and the doctor gave it to her.  I asked about her food...”she gets Beneful and green beans.  She has been on a diet” The owner didn’t bring any for me to take with me, however.  Finally to her credit, she gave me a $100 donation to contribute to the rescue for her spaying and future care.  As we started leaving she told me how difficult it is to walk Zana....I noticed.  She is a butt plopper downer and not moving bully.  Being the pack leader I am, I coaxed her along but said goodbye to the surrendering Mommy.  She stopped to pee at least three or four times on the way back to the car...gotta remember to tell Erica about that.

We finally made it back to the car but in the meantime I got to see how uncomfortable she looked walking. She reminded me a bit of Spencer in that the older they get, the slower they move unless they REALLY want something!  I loaded her up and away we went.
Got her home broke out all the bully cleaning stuff - let the scrubbing begin.    I started with a general looking over: fleas – check, mass under skin by right shoulder, check, mass on right leg oozing puss, check, nasty ears that probably haven’t been cleaned in months, check, nails long enough to scratch the neighbor’s dogs back, check, discharge coming from both eyes, check, polyps sticking out of her butt, check, Icky breath, check.  Teeth...wait, am I really seeing what I’m seeing?  Nasty brown teeth rotting at the base so much that they are black??? Check.  
My heart breaks.  I realize this dog has been neglected, ignored; only God knows what.  Left outside?  Left alone....or just... left.

I take pictures.  I clean her up and keep telling her I love her and she is in a better place and we are going to get her comfortable again as soon as possible.  She seems to know it’s ok.  She lets me cut her nails in the back without wincing, moving to bite or anything.  She hasn’t shown any aggression towards me at all, thank goodness.  I accidentally hit the quick on one of her toenails and NOW she is paranoid a little. Luckily, most are cut by this time and I feel terrible that I added to this poor baby’s misery.  Ugh!  She lets me gently wash each paw and between her toes.

I get Zana down and we have bonding time.  I dry her off and make her comfy. She is shaking.  I can’t tell if she is cold or just...relieved.  It reminded me of when an emotional release takes place inside us and we can’t control it.  I think she knew she was in a good place but still scared and maybe a little cold.  I got her a big soft cushion and a blanket and wrapped her up in it.  I called Erica with the news: we have a neglected baby who needs medical help right away.  We agree on a plan.  God willing, she will be at the SPCA tomorrow to see my favorite Doctor and find out how and where to start.

If you believe in God, would you please pray for Zana’s comfort?  I don’t know how she has been eating.  Her eyes are oozing so she is obviously ill.  Finally, I made a HUGE mistake that you all should know – because she had fleas, I gave her my last dose of Revolution, thinking this was a good thing, right?  WRONG.  Erica tells me that if a dog has heartworms, giving them preventative can kill them.  Oh my gosh.  I feel so stupid.  I never knew. So, would you pray this little ole lady doesn’t have heartworms and my “helping” hasn’t actually hurt her?  Thank you. Finally, would you pray for all her issues to be treatable ones and that the doctors will be able to find and cure each item specifically and efficiently?

While it is a sad story, and I could be angry at the people who let her get like this...I prefer to be grateful that they were brave enough, or had enough humanity in them to at least call a rescue rather than let her keep suffering further.  I don’t know what Zana’s journey looks like, but I do know that today she is better off than she was yesterday thanks to Adopt-a-bull Rescue and my love for bullies.  If you would like to be a volunteer “rescuer”, won’t you please let Erica or Neely know? Times are tough for all of us and I sense they need all the help they can get not to be overwhelmed. You don’t have to be perfect (obviously from my blunder) but you do need to be willing to learn, grow and love these babies while you have them in your care.   It is so rewarding to know one less bully is suffering at the end of the day.  

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about Princess Zana! 

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