The scoop on Preggar Wiggles

Posted November 6, 2009 10:15 am

Well.... Wiggles is very prego with 2 darling little puppies! The vet estimates she'll have her pups in about 10-14 days. In the meantime, we are researching like crazy and speaking to mentors about how to properly plan for and care for these little bullie babies. We've left several messages over the past couple days for the original owner in attempts to find out if these may be pure or mixes. We have yet to receive a phone call back so at this point we still do not know. Unfortunately, we get a lot of female bullies in our program with sagging nipples and tons of extra "stuff" where it doesn't belong.... this is why just assumed Wiggles was used as a breeding dog rather than actually being pregnant at this moment. There are still many un-answered questions, many things we can only speculate about... one thing we are absolutely sure of though: Wiggles has entered bullie rescue heaven and this WILL BE the last litter she ever will have!

A friend of ours with experience in raising litters sent us the following email. The funds we are able to raise for Wiggles and her babies will be used to purchase these items and everything else they need.
"You will need heating pads or a heat lamp, I use head lamp from walmart with red bulb 250 first few days and then 175 thereafter.
a place to keep them- whelping box, kidie pool, etc. You can keep them in a large rubbermaid tub first week, and put on to nurses as needed.
Tons of blankets/receiving blankets, etc etc...
Vitamins, folic acid, puppy food for the extra vitamins and nutrients
thermometer to check temps
feeding tubes just in case you have sick pups, I order just born, nutrical, benebac and Just Born formula for bottles I use playtex nursers with liners.
Lots of baby wipes to clean them up
Cotton balls to pee them and poop them- I dip in warm water then stimulate the area
Desitin for raw butts or A&D
Kayro and Nutrical for mom when she first nurses may have head shakes etc. Give nutrical as she nurses...or kayro.
Also can be used on pups to help them regulate insulin control
Lots of papertowels
I also keep beef and chicken liver around before and after pups for fading puppy syndrome and mom to eat ..boil and syringe into pups mouth the broth if they fade
Scale to weight pups..they can loose up to 10% body weight in first 10-14 days, thereafter they should gain..`1 week 1 pound, 2 weeks 2 pound etc...
At 3 weeks I start cereal, gerber rice or other mixed with formula, make watery, put in small low dish and let them lap up or spoon feed them, then make thicker as they get older. I do this 3-4 times a day until 4-5 weeks. At 5 weeks I add in gerber meats, then by 6 weeks mushed dog food."

Wiggles Update & Dog Breeder Investigation

Posted November 4, 2009 1:55 pm
There were some complications today during Wiggles’ spay surgery. But don’t worry, we think everyone is ok….yes, everyone… still not getting it? Ok we’ll tell you—WIGGLES IS PREGNANT! The female bullie you just helped us rescue by donating to her "re-homing fee" in order to save her from becoming a breeding dog (she was being sold with a voucher for $700 worth of sperm, remember), is already pregnant! Don’t get too excited, (or disappointed, depending how you look at it,) we don’t know any details yet. Are these purebred bullies? Or did she accidently get “friendly” with the last owner’s nextdoor neighbor dog? We have no idea. We don’t even know the health status yet. All we know is, when the vet team opened her up, there was a surprise inside! We’re in the process of contacting the owner who we got her from to try to get more information. He explicitly stated that she had never been pregnant “while in his care”, but based on the size of her nipples we had our suspicions he wasn't being fully honest. We had no idea she was currently pregnant! We’re going to need lots of help with this one. A pregnant bullie is no easy situation. Prenatal care is top priority. And like we said, we don’t know how far along she is, or how healthy these puppies are. Obviously she has had no prenatal care up to this point. It’s going to take your help to get Wiggles and her new pups through this! Please click below to donate and help our newest additions!! This is our chance to give them a good life straight from the beginning...something we don't often get to do! In fact, this will be our very first experience with this. Info to come as we learn more.....stay tuned.

On a separate note: One of our meetup members and current foster homes previously purchased a pup from this horrific woman. This is why we encourage everyone to do their research!!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO, PLEASE SPREAD THIS LINK:,0,1475320.story

4 surgeries in 2 days: Bones, Wiggles, Corona, Dexter

Posted November 3, 2009 9:11 pm

****Click Here**** Event pics from our Halloween event have been posted here! ****Click Here****

Tomorrow is a very busy day for our vet, we have 3 separate surgeries to be done. Wiggles will be spayed, Corona will be neutered, and Dexter will have entropion. Bones had cherry eye surgery today and it went very well. He's scheduled to be back home with us tomorrow. We are very very busy here lately with all the bullies, local foster homes are needed!

Click Here to see our current e-bay auctions that benefit our bullies!

Welcome to Rescue, Corona & Bones!

Posted November 2, 2009 5:35 pm

Corona was one of the 4 bulldogs admitted to our rescue last week. He'll be neutered this Wednesday!

Bones is another one of the 4. He'll be having his cherry eye surgery tomorrow!

Happy Bull-O-Weenie from Alvin & Bonkee!!

Posted October 31, 2009 10:17 pm

Help us save WIGGLES! Paige & Dozer IV Update.

Posted October 30, 2009 11:23 am

URGENT (as posted to our facebook yesterday afternoon at 12:37pm): $300 & foster home needed ASAP to rescue an unspayed 5 year old English Bulldog that owner needs to "Get rid of ASAP, first come first serve." He is sick of her and just wants her OUT! He is selling her with a prepaid voucher good for $700 worth of sperm and stud service he has already paid for. Dog was purchased from a store... He said I can pick her up today after 3pm.... $300... we don't normally do things like this, but she WILL be used for breeding by clueless people if she gets in the wrong hands....

UPDATE: By 3:00pm Auntie Beth was on her way down to Miami with $300 borrowed from Mommie Neely. We couldn't wait to raise the funds necessary and risk the safety of this precious bullie girl, so we decided the quickest way was to borrow the money and trust we'd be able to raise the funds from our awesome supporters to pay Mommie Neely back. Welcome to Rescue...... Wiggles!!!

Please look under "Avail-a-Bull's" for Wiggles bio and a list of her financial rescuers!

Paige Update: Paige is recovering from her spay and mammary tumor removals nicely. The good thing about Paige is that she's a very inactive bullie so keeping her on crate rest while she recovers is not a challange at all! Great news too - we sent the tumors out to the lab to be tested and they came back okay!! Non-cancerous, nothing to worry about! Whoo Hooo! Upon total recovery, Paige will start heartworm treatment. For more info in Paige, please look under "Avail-a-Bull's". Check our e-bay selling page for current auctions benefiting Paige and her friends:

Dozer IV is still battling pneumonia. He's getting medicated baths every 7 days and his skin is looking absolutely fantastic! He's on quarantine at Mommie Erica's house still and can not have any interaction with others dogs yet. He sleeps mostly all day and only gets off his do bed to eat his special food 2x daily. He has not thrown up in over 5 days, and his eye infection/dry eye is improving so well with the drops we are administering. What a special boy! We are looking for a very low key foster home that is able to keep Dozer while he gets over his illness.

Happy Bull-O-Ween!

Posted October 29, 2009 3:28 pm

Bones, Corona & Skyler.

Posted October 28, 2009 8:37 pm

Just when we think we've set a new record, it get broken! As astonishing as is sounds, it sure is the shocking truth! We got 3 bulldogs in just 20 hours! Each of their stories will be posted to their profiles in the next few days. All need surgery of some sort. Skyler, our 6 month old puppy with a blue eye needs to be spayed, Corona, our 4 year old owner surrender that was living in a garage covered in grease with an embeded collar needs to be neutered, and Bones, our 23 month old boy saved as he was literally on his way to being dropped off at the shelter needs cherry eye surgery. Thankfully ALL 3 are dog friendly and get along with everyone. Well.... Corona is a bit too friendly at times, wanting to mount every dog that he sees. Snip, snip, snip is soon in order! Here they are, welcome guys!

Paige, Winston IV, Dozer IV, Moose

Posted October 24, 2009 7:20 pm

We have no idea how long Paige has had heartworm disease. She's an older girl with a rough past so we can only assume no one took the time to put the poor girl on preventative and invest in her future. Noooooo... all they cared about was the puppies she pumped out litter after litter to add to their own pockets....selfish greed! Paige's bloodwork came back okay, and despite being heartworm positive we decided to spay her and remove her mammary tumors first before starting heartworm treatment. Paige is a strong girl, here she is:


Bentley, Dozer IV

Posted October 23, 2009 10:11 am
"I am involved in dog rescue: my wallet and gas tank are always running on empty, my house is never quiet and free of dog hair, nor is my car, my inbox is full of ongoing despair and misery, but my heart... and soul are replenished with unconditional love, loyalty, and joy that can only come from a rescued dog!" ~Author Unknown
We rescued Bentley over the weekend from a local high-kill shelter. Despite being covered in dirt, scabs, yeast, and ticks, and with ears full of buildup, Bentley couldn’t stop wiggling his bullie bottom all the way to Adopt-A-Bull. He received the full Adopt-A-Bull Spa Treatment on his arrival day. But even after the 3 hour de-ticking, more than 40 ticks were picked off this little guy over the next couple days. He will need a little extra daily maintenance for awhile to get back on track, but he seems to be a very healthy bullie! Please stay tuned to Bentley's Bio under our "Avail-A-Bull's" page from updates on this teddy bear boy!
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