CHEWY's Story

Posted January 25, 2012 9:26 am

 I cannot tell you how deeply this boy has touched my soul. You know, we deal with the atrocities done by humans to their animals almost least weekly. Having said that, I will NEVER be able to understand how Chewy's family could just dump him. I'm not one to cry and get emotional. I get mad more than brokenhearted. Today, I'm totally brokenhearted. My soul hurts and I don't know how to put it in words. How does someone just throw away their dog? How do they leave their dog to to be laid to rest with total strangers?? Our animals love us unconditionally; the least we can do is be there for them until the end. When they pass they should do so with us by their side. I'm devastated tonight and I'm not ashamed to say so. I will be by Chewy's side when his time comes. He will know love and comfort. For me, all I know tonight is sorrow. I will never understand how this can be done. Thank you again for letting me vent. I just wish my words could express my thoughts.
We just got Chewy 2 days ago and he's been at our vet ever since. After a complete and total 2 day overhaul, testings, etc, we discovered our poor CHEWY has bone cancer :( It is at an advanced stage. As I mentioned on the x-ray, the vet is amazed that the bone hasn't snapped in half yet :( Also, the lump under his arm burst today and is draining an exorbitant amount of puss and infection. He will be spoiled, loved, and treated like a king until the moment he shows signs of pain, or discomfort. At that time we will have a very difficult decision to make. Please keep your prayers coming. This gentle soul deserves them...

Pics with Santa @ the Zoom Room!

Posted December 12, 2011 10:06 am

What a fantastic event! Our Christmas celebration & pics with Santa was very successful for Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, Inc.! Yesterday, $650 was raised for the rescue bullies in our non-profit program! Special Thanks to the Zoom Room in Deerfield Beach for allowing us to use their facility and everyone who came out to support us by participating in our event! We appreciate all the donations, both monetary and otherwise. It was good to see some new faces and even others that we haven’t seen in quite some time!

Bid for the Bullies - Support us on ebay!

Posted October 18, 2011 1:13 pm

Click this link often to check for our fundraising items on e-bay!

Bully Ball 2011 - March 6th, 2011

Posted March 7, 2011 10:43 pm

Our 2nd Annual Bully Ball took place last weekend and it was a blast! Bulldog lovers & supporters came together at this black tie event at the Ritz Carlton, Buckhead, GA to raise money for Bulldog Rescue in the southeast. Here are some pictures of the dinner, live auction, silent auction tables and the AABR girls in attendance.

On the way back home from the Ball, little Avery's adoption was finalized! She is now sister to Fergie, another one of AABR's rescues.

Bid to Benefit Bullies!

Posted December 8, 2010 11:52 am

Check out these ebay auction listings! The sellers have been very kind in designating a portion of the auction proceeds to benefit our rescue!


Posted October 29, 2010 9:51 am

I came to AABR over a year ago with very infected ears, icky eyes and lots of other really bad stuff. AABR got me fixed up & healthy & adopted me to a family that promised to love me, take good care of me and never let anything happen to me. They lied!! Mommie Erica got a call from Animal Control saying that they had me!! She didn't even know I was missing! My mommie didn't even look for me at AC until TWO WHOLE DAYS after I left the yard! My adopter spoke to Mommie Beth once, when AABR called her to ask what happened, then NEVER spoke to AABR again! AABR called and emailed her and she never responded! How do you do that? The family was not very good to me after all. My ears are VERY bad again! One of them was oozing down my face!! They also made me FAT! I was a delicate 44lbs (1st pic) when they adopted me and now I'm 57lbs (2nd pic)!! You think that 3rd picture is a happy face? It's not! I'm trying SO hard to breathe. All this weight is not good for a little girl like me. I'm so happy to be back with AABR!! In no time, they will get me back to health (AGAIN) and this time my forever family will be just that....... FOREVER!

Barney getting ready for Halloween!

Posted October 1, 2010 11:23 am

Courage Update!

Posted September 10, 2010 1:24 pm
Courage has come a long way in a short period of time.  She is a total sweetie.  Her social skills are increasing daily.  I think being surrounded by dog lovers (my staff) every day has really helped her.  She even went to greet the Fed ex guy yesterday and ate a cookie from him. 
Of course, she was looking quite sharp in her party dress.  Unfortunately the party dress did not save her from bath day, so she is rethinking her strategy for avoiding all these baths!
I know she is feeling better; her energy level has really increased.  She plays wild puppy games with her best friend Licorice.  She is my little shadow. Laundry and kitchen detail are her favorite chores. 
Her hair has started growing back slowly.  The funny thing is that the red hair is growing back faster than the white or black hair ( I think she will be brindle).  Her ears are much better. She is down to once a day ear cleaning.  She can hear higher pitch sounds and is actually beginning to realize what direction they are coming from.  The leash walking is coming along.  She does the bully sit down-- I AM NOT going in that direction-- occasionally which makes me laugh.  It is good to see her develop an opinion.  She gets meds @ 6a,8a,2p,8p and 10p.  She is eating a raw diet (human grade food)  combined with a whole food, totally natural kibble food (again, human grade products). She is a very good eater. 

Wilson... a cruelty case.

Posted August 19, 2010 7:20 pm
Wilson is a young, sweet, bull terrier who was so happy to have AABR spring him from his jail cell, which was actually more like his saving grace. You see, Wilson was picked up by the city as a stray with no microchip or ID on him. A day later, his owner came forward and wanted him back. After the shelter told her about all the fees she would have to pay resulting from his impound and the charges she’d be facing for animal cruelty, she voluntarily surrendered him over the phone.  Wilson was smiling, and you could tell he was thankful when we arrived.  Thin, not emaciated, with big swollen paws, Wilson is about 3 years old and full grown at 47 pounds. He only has little patches of hair left, spotted with ticks, and big scabs on the top of his spine. He just needs to put on about 10lbs, grow some hair back and he’ll be just stunning! After a comprehensive vet visit, our prayer was answered. Thankfully, we are just dealing with demodex mange and not scabies! During his examination, the vet discovered a few bite/puncture wounds on his neck, arms and back.  Wilson will be fixed up and recover in a foster home after his 1 week quarantine at the vet is up and then will be vaccinated and neutered when his immune system is stronger. What a sweet, darling boy! He has the absolute best temperament and even while he was on the exam table for 30 minutes enduring poking, prodding, tick removal and 3 different areas on his body skin scraped, he was just perfect and tolerant of it all! Wilson is so fortunate he found safety with those that will actually care about him now and we are so happy to have him! 

Welcome: Chynah, Annie & Boulder!

Posted August 16, 2010 10:57 pm
‎3 Bullies in less than 3 hours!!!! 3 separate ENGLISH BULLDOGS were surrendered to MDAS individually by their owners. We made three separate trips an hour apart from each other to the pound. We thought the shelter staff were kidding when they kept calling us to say a bulldog was surrendered, then another one was turned in, then another; sadly they weren't. Thank GOD for our continuous supporters and donors! So far the money keeps trickling in and the fosters keep stepping up - that's how we are able to keep going.
There was a 4th bulldog we had the opportunity to rescue, but after speaking with the vet tech and seeing how much distress the dog was in, the decision was made to humanely put her to sleep. Unfortunately she was just too far gone to attempt to save. R.I.P. Luna.
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