Posted December 6, 2009 3:36 pm


Wigglet Update

Posted December 5, 2009 9:45 pm

Wigglet has been doing great, but today we got worried a little. She threw up a few times after we introduced her to big girl food and her breathing was becoming raspy. Turns out the little Pigglet most likely stuffed her gut too much, we were afraid she had aspirated.... So, off to mentor Judi's house we went... better to be safe than sorry. We hung out at Judi's house for a bit as she examined and observed Wigglet. She looks and sounds good, just has a little bit of congestion in her sinus, perhaps from snorting up her milk/food. She is still very delicate, we must be careful with every little thing. She's doing well :)


From Wiggles' new foster: "Wiggles was nothing but amazing on the drive to our house. She was calmed down by the time we got home. We walked her around the house so she could see everything and took her outside so she could see the backyard. I went to open her crate so I could put the blanket down and she plowed past me so she could get inside it! We kept her separated from Brody until tonight. We brought them outside so they could meet each other. He was sniffing all around her and all she was doing was looking up at me. She truly is a sweetheart! She definitely wants a lot of attention. The second I stop touching her she starts to pounce around for me to start touching her again. She had to have a few time outs for doing that. She's a lover and you can see it when she looks at you! She doesn't seem to be too interested in Brody, she's a very laid back. Just a loving big bullie girl:) If theres anything else you need us to do just let us know. My husband and I would like to volunteer anytime you need us!"

Kira is ready for adoption & is our heartworm spokesbullie :)

Posted December 4, 2009 10:14 pm

Only 6 tickets left for our Holiday Party!

Posted December 3, 2009 10:41 pm

Wiggles & Wigglet & ZHU ZHU!

Posted December 2, 2009 9:36 pm

When we went to pick up Wigglet on Monday evening, we met Judi at her store. We took a camera, of course, and here are some pics of our arrival to take our baby girl back home. We were so excited to get her back, but wanted to make sure we knew how to do everything right so we stayed a while and Auntie Judi "edjumicated" us on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! Today Wigglet weighed in at  1 pound 14 ounces!!!

And as you can see, Mommie Erica got her nails done about 2 weeks ago, french manicure in baby blue in memory of Wigglet's brudder that didn't make it :(


Momma Wiggles left Adopt-A-Bull headquarters about 2 hours ago to go to a foster home in the county just north of us. Since she can't be reunited with Wigglet, we felt it was best for her to go to foster care for a bit more 1:1 interaction in a home that was less busy. She'll be big sis to a 16 month old male bullie boy for a while and we're sure she'll have a blast! Wiggles will come back on Dec. 12 to pay us a visit when she returns for our Bullie Hotdawg BBQ Meetup! :)



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Wigglet is HOME & so are our Flip Flops!

Posted December 1, 2009 12:50 pm


Wigglet is doing well! Wigglet is 21 days old today - Happy 3 week Birfday baby Girl! She drinks her bottle like a Champ and is such a little princess. We have to feed her every 2 1/2 hours during the day and can stretch it to every 4 hours at night. We are back on a very strict schedule with her and are even more thankful now for Auntie Judi taking care of her these past 14 days. Wigglet is home at Mommie Erica's house and she stays in the nursery room... which has been renovated and is no longer the "home office." She is separate from all other dogs and is not able to have human visitors. Unfortunately, Wigglet will not even be reunited with Momma Wiggles. Wiggles is still undergoing treatment for her own worms and because she's been living in "general population" with other rescue bullies, we are playing it safe and must not reunite the two. You see, despite all the holiday fuss and the drama in our own personal lives, rescue must still go on! We get several calls a week about bulldogs in need and our local kill shelters continue to receive pure English Bulldogs in that we are called upon to rescue... the needs are so overwhelming. However, the sad truth is, despite tremedous support from the public and readers like you, we still need more $$$ to help the bullies and more volunteers to step forward as foster homes to house the bullies that need to come in. Like we mentioned last week, we got 3 news bullies in just a matter of one weekend. Without foster homes for them to go to or donations for them to be treated by a vet, we wouldn't have been able to take them in. You make this happen, yes you! You reading this right now.... you are the reason why we are able to care for, at this very moment, 32 dogs in our program. Mommie Erica and Mommie Neely can only physically care for a certain number of dogs and we realize we can not do this on our own. Yet, know matter how hard it is for us to delegate responsibilities at times, we must learn to trust people. People have let these dogs down, people are the reason why some of the bullies come to us looking like they do, it's hard for us to trust people sometimes. Yet, you are helping us help them, you are making it happen. We take the time to update this daily blog as a courtesy to keep you informed about our rescue; to show you what your donations are being used for and all the good that we are able to do for these poor bullies that don't have a voice. Please share this link with your friends, and please spread the word. Don't breed & buy while shelter pets die! Please be their voice... please continue to help us help them. Thank you to those that support our mission and have donated, thank you to those that want to give but are not able to give at this moment. And for those that are able to give, but have not done so yet... do you think you can spare a few extra bucks this holiday season and support the bullies that need a home for the holidays? Wouldn't it be great if every bulldog had a home, or at least a rescue home for the holidays? (We can't save them all, but we can at least try, right?) I'd bet they'd be most thankful for a nice cozy dog bed, a loving home, medical care and 2 meals a day compared to the hard, cold concrete floor or metal cage at the local county kill shelter where they sit not even realizing that today could be their last day on this earth . What do you think??? - Thanks in advance, Adopt-A-Bull Rescue bullies (past, present and future.)


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Wigglet is coming home & Zana Update!

Posted November 30, 2009 6:47 pm

Wigglet is coming home this evening!!! She weighs 1 & 1/2 pounds now and it steadily improving; she continues to make progress. She is off all meds and her poop is getting much better. After we write this little blog, we'll be leaving to go pick her up!!! Please stay tuned to a full Wigglet update tomorrow.

Poor Zana. This little girl has been through it.  Due to all the neglect, the vet had us put her on eye drops, ear drops, antibiotics and pain medication BEFORE even considering surgery for her mass in her shoulder and mammary glands in addition to her rotting teeth. Just when she was feeling good and starting to show a little sparkle in her eye...it was the big day.  Two days before Thanksgiving Zana went into surgery and was under anesthesia for three and a half hours!  They had to pull 6 teeth, including one of her canines, remove a mass from her shoulder and while they planned to remove all the mammary masses, we opted to stop after removing one to find out if it is malignant before removing any more....she had been under anesthesia long enough. We got her home and as instructed kept her heavily medicated.  However, on Thanksgiving morning she woke up early and scratched out her stitches in her shoulder. We will be going to the vet tomorrow to get them stapled back together. It is obvious she is in a LOT of pain.  She barely (not always) makes it outside to do her business.  On the positive side, she is eating and we continue to keep her on pain meds and pray for a speedy recovery.  Please consider her future adoption...she deserves a special home and will be a sweet devoted girl when the time comes.



Happy Thanksgiving from Adopt-A-Bull!

Posted November 26, 2009 9:09 am

This year, we are especially grateful for all our members, supporters, adopters and donors! Thank you all!

"Hi Erica!
     Both of Wigglet the Piglet's eyes are now open. Her appetite is very good and everything seems to be status quo.Her poop is still a little funky (nothing serious).I think the digestive issues will clear up once she's on solid food. If all continues to go well, she'll be going home with you soon!   - Judi"

Good Wigglet Update!

Posted November 25, 2009 6:07 pm

We received the following email this morning from Auntie Judi!

"Good Morning Erica! And this is a good morning!  Wigglet (who now should be known as Piglet with this ravenous appetite) is doing great. Pup now weighs 1 lb -2ozs. She is crawling around looking for food, twitching, and sleeping on her back. Hopefully we are on the road to recovery. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. You and your group are good people and those bullies are lucky to you. - Judi"


We'd like to share a nice little comment we rec'd thru our "contact us" feature: ""This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for you! I had no idea there was such a need for bull rescues. Who could give one up or abuse one? Well, your posts have shown me a whole new world. I rescued my 2nd bulldog and consider myself the luckiest person alive!! I only wish you guys were in Ca. Hope you have a great holiday. You deserve it. Also, thank you for enlightening me, which has made me an even better dog owner!""

To read more comments sent to us, feel free to visit out Feedback Blog.

Baby Wigglet Update! Dozer, Shar Pei's, Boomer

Posted November 24, 2009 9:15 am

Last night Mommie Erica, Daddy Fred and Mommie Neely took a trip to visit Baby Wigglet. Wigglet is still at the breeder’s house, she’s been there for a week now. We keep referring to her as “the breeder,” please allow us to clarify. The day our little male pup died, his sister started going downhill. We knew if we didn’t get help fast, she’d soon pass as well. The sad truth is that regular vets and even emergency clinic doctors do not know how to treat a fading puppy. The only people that have knowledge and expertise with these issues are dog breeders. Breeders have the knowhow and the hands-on dealing with such issues, they raise puppies! Who else better to contact? At around 10 pm I put a call out to a friend, Andy, who put us in touch with Judi the breeder. If it were not for Judi, we are certain the last of Wiggles’ pups would too pass away. Our previous blogs (below) have documented baby Wigglet’s journey a day at a time.

So, last night we visited Wigglet. She weighs a full pound now! Up significantly from the barely 10 ounces she weighed a week ago when we dropped her off. She looked funny with only one eye barely open. Remember, she had an eye infection in her left eye before it even opened, so Judi had to gently open it in order to administer eye medication to get the infection under control. Her physical appearance was looking better, but Judi was puzzled how she seemed to get dehydrated again. So she went back to tube feeding her coconut water, something that has worked wonders if she ever had her own fading pups from the litters she’s bred. (They also used coconut water as plasma in the wars for the soldiers.) Hey, it can’t hurt! Whatever Judi has been doing so far is keeping our little pup alive so we trust her judgment in what she sees fit to keep our baby Wigglet alive. We had a good hour of visitation and then it was time to let Judi get back to things. The whole time we were there we didn’t touch or hold baby Wigglet, we didn’t want to pass on any germs or bounce her around too much. It was so hard to resist petting her little head, but in due time, we know that once she gets thru this very delicate time, she’d be back home with us. We must only be patient, hopeful, and continue to pray for her survival.

Dozer IV continues to improve and we finally have some answers! Dozer has extremely small/tight nares, or nose hole openings. When he's sick or has a runny nose it's a bit more difficult because of the tightness factor for mucus or air to flow thru.  He’s getting frequent baths, is being fed Canidae, a great high quality dog food, and is being spoiled rotten in a local foster home where he’s the only dog. We plan to start up another round of antibiotics to further clear up his persistent yeastiness and foot chewing. It takes a full 90 days to see if a new diet will “work” on a particular dog, so we are patient and hopeful! Dozer is a great boy. He’s very mellow and extremely well behaved. He adores his crate; it’s his safe place… his sanctuary. We don't even have to close the door on his crate, whenever we turn our backs he's in there! Special thanks to Auntie Adele for the care package!! (As you can see from the pic below, his nares are extremely tight.)

Our Shar Pei pups are finally ready for adoption! We are currently accepting applications on them:

Here's Boomer! One of the 3 bullies we got this weekend:

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