Bunnie is currently pending Adoption.
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Name: Bunnie
Estimated Age: 1 year old puppy!!!
Adoption Status: This dog is is currently pending Adoption.

Brief Description:

8-16-12 Shelter Description: Bonnie is a very cute, petite English bulldog. She came to us on August 4 th after she was found running loose with another English Bulldog. Her English Bulldog buddy was adopted a few days ago, now Bonnie is alone and is also waiting for her forever home. Bonnie has been fully vetted. She is completely healthy except for her skin. Our clinic staff noticed that her skin looked a little pink in some areas so they did a skin scrape and found that she has demodex. We have begun treating her skin. Bonnie is about a year and a half and she only weighs 35 pounds. She is good with other dogs and great with all people.

8-20-12 Update: BUNNY weighs in at a very petite 35lbs. She is only about 1 1/2. She was found as a stray with a companion but her companion had been adopted. BUNNY had adopters that backed out when they found out that she has demodex :(( Choco Moos has already created a fundraiser for her. To see that fundraiser and others, Click here: https://www.facebook.com/ adoptabullrescue/ app_237202476309340

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Jamie is currently pending Adoption.
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Name: Jamie
Estimated Age: 5
Adoption Status: This dog is is currently pending Adoption.

Brief Description:
Jamie is very loving and well-behaved. She's never gone potty in her foster parents' home. Jamie's good with other dogs, not so much with cats. She likes short, brisk walks on hard surfaces. For some reason, she doesn't like walking on grass. She'll go in the grass to quickly poo or pee, but then she b-lines it back to the concrete. Jamie doesn't like baths, but tolerates them well. She's such a lover! In one motion, she'll flip over and stick her paws up in the air for a belly rub if she thinks you're game. She loves her chew bones, squeeky ball, and stuffed bear. She loves it when you act like you're going to snatch it away from her. She'll run away, and then come back immediately so you can try to take it again. She doesn't bark when people knock, but she will when people around her get loud and excited. She's just trying to chime in with the crowd and have fun too. Jamie is a low to middle energy dog. We're told she's around five years old. Jamie is going to melt your heart and make you laugh. This dog's got character and personality for miles. She'd be a joy to just about any family.

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