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3 year old owner surrender, now safe at AaBR

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Day 1 @ Adopt-a-Bull Rescue: "I love this place!!!! I get fed 4 times a day and I love to feel like someone actually cares about me! Mommie gives me lots of "special treats" - that's what she calls them but I'm no dumdum, I know dey really medicines! Da doc sayz i'z gonna be in recovery for a couple months until I slowly and safely put some meat on dese skinny bones so I IS LOOKIN FOR A FEW SPONSORS! Pwease help me out if yew can spare some change - donate above. Your gift is tax deductible (the IRS says so!)"

Love, Awesome Alice



PRINCESS UPDATE! Before & After photos

Posted April 13, 2015 7:26 pm


A GROUNDBREAKING FIRST! We now have a physical location!

Posted March 30, 2015 3:43 pm

For the first time in the history of Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, we now have a physical location! We are so extremely excited to finally announce to you that we have an actual brick & mortar office to call our own which enables us to save & serve the bullies better!!!! But we need your help!

We are excited to let you know that we set up a Dream on DreamFund "Breaking Ground for the Rescue Bulldogs!" Our goal is to raise funds to help pay for our new office rent to be able to continue to keep this space and help more bullies! Check it out at   and feel free to share it with your friends, and if you want to give... every contribution is much appreciated!

On behalf of all the dogs (past, present & future) in our program ~ Thank you & Slobbers!

PUPPY DISCARDED ROADSIDE - Dying & Unconscious: Our newest intake PRINCESS

Posted September 2, 2014 2:14 pm


 These are the pictures that were sent to us this morning by a good Samaritan who came across this girl who was passed out in the middle of a road just lying on the pavement… HE CALLED US FOR HELP….. 

Although rescue funds are incredibly low and we don't have any open foster homes, since the situation was urgent we acted on faith and made an emergency decision to help, confident that our supporters (locally and on facebook) would help us once we took her in. A short time later, the good samaritan arrived with a special delivery.......literally......


After an extremely brief stay at Mommie Erica's law firm to get some water and scanned for a microchip, we were quickly out the door again (still in our box) to the vet!




It’s been 24-hours since we’ve accepted Princess into our rescue program and things have been quite eventful to say the least! This bullie girl is a 15 MONTH OLD PUPPY weighing a staggering 18 pounds, 12 ounces. Besides the obvious malnutrition issues, she is anemic and her electrolyte and blood counts are all over the place. She is suffering horribly from an extreme case of demodex mange which has gone untreated since she was a pup. FOR OVER ONE YEAR WHAT STARTED AS A SIMPLE CASE OF FULLY TREATABLE DEMODEX HAS NOW ESCALATED TO THIS! How do we know this, you ask!?!?!? Well, WE HAVE SPOKEN TO HER (FORMER) OWNER!!!
      The great news is that according to the vet, our pitiful looking Princess is expected to make a full recovery!!! That’s right – PRINCESS is on a long road to recovery, but she is expected to make it! Whooooo Hoooooo! (Doing a little butt wiggle dance!) While the vet and support staff at the hospital have been delicately attending to the round-the-clock needs of Princess, we at AaBR have been conducting an extensive investigation as to who may be responsible for her condition. We were ecstatic to be able to trace the owner who purchased Princess from a pet store in Miami last year and after speaking with them, we learned they gave her back to the pet store after only having her a short time. Once they found out she had demodex (which is extremely common in puppies) they didn’t want to deal with “a sick dog.” While it is clear the purchasing owners may have been ignorant as to what demodex mange really is, THIS CASE SERVES AS A PROVEN EXAMPLE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BUY & RETURN A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE!  From speaking with the previous owner further, we were able to obtain the name & phone number of the “saleswoman” they returned Princess to. This “saleswoman” happens to be the owner & operator of this pet store/puppy mill operation which is CURRENTLY STILL OPERATING!  Princess did not have a single tick or even a flea on her which leads us to believe that she has not been on the streets for very long, if at all. We have strong suspicions that whoever has been harboring Princess has let her purposefully deteriorate to this condition before dumping her. From here, we are attempting to get a field officer on the ground to assist us with pursuing a case, but right now our main efforts are on the rehabilitation of Princess. We cannot put into mere words the sincere gratitude we have for all who have supported (financially and otherwise) the continuing rescue mission of Miss Princess.  


and here is our story in print! 



9-8-14 UPDATE ~ Princess is doing amazingly well! When we rescued her off the street on Tuesday she barely has the strength to stand, but now she is walking on her own! She's been released from the vet and placed in one of our approved foster homes!  

9-10-14 Update - Improving each day, our little Princess is not only gaining weight, but she is loving life in Adopt-A-Bull Rescue foster care! She came to us barely able to walk on her own snd leaves the hospital playing & jumping around like the puppy she is. What a difference in just one week! Enjoy this video compilation!

It's me, PRINCESS! Look at me! Thanks to all my supporters, I have my own bed, my own foster home, some new furry friends, fabulous round-the-clock caretakers, special treats hidden in pill pockets which are really medications they think they are trickin' me with (I'm not stoopid ma!) and I even get 4 special meals a day! Whooooo Hooooo! I lub yew all! I'm so thankful to for saving me! 

9-11-14 Update: WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa, FL just contacted us & did a story! Check it out: 

 9-16-14 Update: INVESTIGATION IN PROGRESS! We have been working diligently to complete all legal paperwork and forms required by Animal Services and the Court in order to have a county investigator assigned to our case and we finally got a confirmation that the OFFICIAL INVESTIGATION HAS BEGUN! 

9-18-14 Update: Check me out with my step-bro Cliffy! He is my favorite. He lets me ride his back like a choo-choo train. I'm really happy in my foster home. They give me special food 4x a day in measured amounts, they smoother me with love & attention, and I give it right back to them by way of slobbery kisses. I am not used to this type of lifestyle, but lemme tell you one thing... AaBR is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life! I have put on a few pounds, but don't ask me how much I weigh...a girl never tells. Thank you for all the love and support as I would not be alive right now if it wasn't for you. Until next update, "Princess"


Our rescue story made it on!   (Even thou they referred to us as an animal shelter instead of a private rescue, this is still fantastic exposure! 

 AaBR's Amazon WISH LIST! 


1-15-15 UPDATE on Princess
Princess currently weighs 39 lbs & her coat is almost completely back to normal!

Do you remember the day we rescued Princess she weighed 18 pounds?!?! Now she's up to 39 and her coat is almost completely grown in and back to normal! Additionally, there appears to be no permanent damage from the extreme neglect and abuse she suffered. Praise the Lord - this dog is a miracle! 


After Adoption Update: CUDDLES!!!

Posted June 3, 2014 9:46 am

Cuddles is one of the most spoiled rescue bullies we have EVER had! She's doing great with mommie Becky!



Surprise!!! We are having RESCUE PUPPIES!

Posted May 12, 2014 2:25 pm

YES......WE ARE IN TOTAL & COMPLETE SHOCK!!!! As if momma Shelby didn't have enough in her life to deal with (broken ribs, mammary tumors, malnutrition & a tiny emaciated body,) 2 weeks ago when the vet went to spay her & remove all her mammary tumors he discovered she was pregnant!!!! This is a huge shock to everyone here at AaBR; we thought she was putting on a some healthy weight because she was finally being treated the way she should have always been treated..... the last thing we expected were puppies! Daddy must have been a big boy; because of the size of the puppies Shelby will require a c-section. Puppies are here & momma is doing great! 


Shelby had 3 precious girls & 1 boy who was born with a cleft palate & other significant health issues. Our inexperience with newborn puppies combined with the very delicate issues surrounding this pregnancy and birth forced us to keep this puggy family in the hands of the professionals for the first 48 hours around the clock. While the 3 girls & momma are stable & home with us, sadly, the boy didn't survive. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making a donation to our medical bills. You can either contact us ( for the vet's number to make a donation directly to our account with them or you can make a donation through our PayPal link at the top of this page.

 ***Please note - Due to how far along Shelby was it is clear that she came to us very, very early in her pregnancy. So early in fact, the pups were unseen when we took her x-rays to see her ribs.


 You can read about Shelby's rescue story & lots more detailed info under "Avail-a-Bull Dogs"


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