Girl turns 11!

Posted November 26, 2009 9:05 am

Girl referring to Baby Bella...

Posted July 22, 2009 12:37 pm

Girl's foster brudder Titan has been adopted!

Posted July 8, 2009 10:27 am

Girl goes up to Titan's crate and opens it with her paw and then either just sits there staring at its emptiness or she goes in and lays down and pouts. It's so sad! :( She misses Titan so bad.

Girl gets a foster brudder!

Posted June 12, 2009 1:57 pm

And her wonderful mommie is now on Adopt-A-Bull's Board of Directors!!! Check out Titan's blog for the latest!

Girl goes Meow!

Posted April 17, 2009 1:15 pm

Pics of Girl in her forever home!

Posted April 14, 2009 2:35 pm

She's finally starting to really play with all her toys. I think at first she was a little shy. Definitely not anymore!

Girl found the bestest fur-ever mommie in the world!!

Posted April 12, 2009 9:57 am
Attached are some pictures of Girl. And yes, her name will stay Girl. I just can't imagine calling her something else after she's gone by Girl for 10 years! That's her name so we're stickin to it! :)
We're doing great. She's made herself right at home here. My jaw is a little sore from her ramming that underbite into my face all day trying to give me kisses, but she's so adorable how could I mind?!
We went to Petsmart today- she was quite popular with everyone there! She got lots of attention from every single person who passed by her....and she ate up every minute of it! I promised we'd go back next weekend too.
She says she misses everyone at Adopt-A-Bull though and can't wait for the next Meet Up! Thank you for taking such good care of her until she found her way home. I promise I'll take good care of her too. We'll see you soon!

Cross your fingers and toes....

Posted April 6, 2009 4:43 pm

...A wonderful young woman has expressed interest in becoming Girl's new adoptive mommie. Today, Adopt-A-Bull will conduct her home visit inspection and once approved to adopt from us.... Girl could be going to her forever home! We are so excited for Girl (who, by the way, tested negative for "phagocytophilum" at her last vet re-check appointment) Whooo Hooooo! We are so thankful to those that truely understand the concept of rescue and are willing to adopt those that may otherwise be deemed "unadoptable." Thank you N.W.!

Oh, Girl did absolutely fabulous at one of her very first meetup events over this past weekend. CLICK HERE TO SEE EVENT PHOTOS.

Great Update from Foster Family!

Posted March 29, 2009 9:34 pm

Our sweetie went to the vet for a check up and got an A+!! Her blood work came back fine and the doc said she's looking great!

We have ventured out to the dog park, and Girl did amazing! She loves to trot along the path, as long as we are with her, but will walk ahead of us if she feels we just aren't walking fast enough for her! She avoids any commotion caused by other dogs, Girl will turn her head and walk in the opposite direction. Girl also does not like mud puddles or walking in the rain... She does great with all the other dogs at the park. This past Friday she had the opportunity to meet a little baby girl. A family had their Great Pyr out, and took the baby out of her stroller to walk along. She was about 14 months old. The baby thought our Girl was wonderful, and waddled over to her. When she got to Girl, she grabbed a handful of her fur and just held on. Girl stood there with her tail wagging a mile a minute!! She turned to the baby and gave her a kiss!!!

Girl gets very excited when we go for car rides, and it doesn't even matter where we end up going!! Her attitude around the house is simply perfect. She loves to be around us, and will follow us pretty much wherever we go, with her tail wagging the entire time!!

Girl is doing great and would really like a forever home! Her age shouldn't deter anyone from adopting her! She is such a laid back bullie, quiet, sweet, and very low maintenance. Her preferred method of spending the day is snoring on her blanket. Not food motivated, but she definitely enjoys her breakfast and dinner!! She takes a bath with no problem, walks perfectly on a leash, and does not go after any other dogs, people, or cats!!

Girl would be great with just about anyone, although a more laid back person/couple/family would be better for her. She has plenty of energy, but is not much for outdoor activities!!! Anyone looking for a great friend to relax with while watching a movie should definitely check out our Girl!! She's doing great!! What a sweetheart she is!!! Can't wait for someone else to realize this and give her the home she deserves!!!

A Bulldog named Girl..... (how unique).....

Posted March 18, 2009 9:32 pm

3-18-09 UPDATE: Our Lil Ole Lady is doing great! From the night we picked her up, she has been an absolute joy to have around! Her manners are impeccable, she is not greedy, is very quiet (but she does let out a little bark in her sleep), walks extremely well on a leash, has no issues with the stairs, ignores the cats, and loves her "butt rubs"!!

We have noticed one peculiar thing about this sweetie pie, she likes to rearrange her blankets. We had a blanket in her crate, but she didn't like it in there so she proceeded to pull it out and spread it out on the carpet. Once it spread to her liking, she plopped down and was snoring in seconds! Her snore is wonderful! She keeps us smiling and laughing!

Girl, Wolfie (hubby's nickname), Tater Tot (daughter's nickname), or Lolly (my nickname) loves to go for rides in the car! She has no problem jumping (yes jumping) into the backseat. Once she is back there, she likes to show us how happy she is by rolling around all over the backseat! Then she'll sit in the middle of the seat so she can see out of the windshield! She is just too awesome!!!

One would never guess that this little girl is 10!!! Of course she gets plenty, PLENTY of beauty sleep, but her energy levels are great, she has such a spring in her step!! She thoroughly enjoys meeting new people, and new dogs as well!

This lady, and yes she is a lady, would make a great addition to almost any family! She loves kids, other animals, and people too. She is one of the most low-maintenance bullies I've come across! She would love to have a forever home to be love and be loved!! Check her out and fill out an application!! Give this special bully her forever home!!!

How Girl came to Adopt-A-Bull: Girl was discovered by one of our volunteers as she was driving thru Miami on business. She saw Girl sitting in a driveway with no food or water and in horrible shape. Our volunteer graciously rang the bell and spoke to the owner about his bulldog, he later surrendered her to Adopt-A-Bull. Upon further investigation into Girl's background it was discovered that she hasn't been to a vet since 2004! After taking Girl to our rescue vet, we learned that she is in relatively good health for a dog her age. She is heartworm negative, her bloodwork overall is good, but has tested positive for the tick disease "phagocytophilum" and is slightly anemic. Girl's tick disease is isolated to her only, it is not contageous or transferrable to dog or human. She has started meds and hopefully they will do the trick!

11-25-08 Update from foster daddy: Just wanted to give you an update on Girl (I call her Lulu because Girl is such a silly name to explain to people. She has settled in just fine and is eating her whole bowl of food at one sitting now. She still hasn't made a sound, not a yip or a bark, just a soft snuffling as she explores. She is quite lively and trots along on her leash and all in all is very well behaved - doesn't even try to jump on the couch. Only downside is that she is destroying my lawn by kicking her back legs after she pees. Her ears are a little better and at least don't seem to smell as much. She is good at taking her meds but the pred is making her pee a lot including in her crate every night.

12-4-08 Update from foster daddy: Well its been 2 weeks now and the little love is doing fine. She isn't wetting her bed anymore - been dry for the last 4 days or so :-) She is taking a keen interest in her food bowl and gambols over to her bowl the instant that I open her crate (yes, gambols just like a little lamb). She loves a chew bone but is not possesive and will release it instantly .........she just has a very hurt look in her eyes when it is being taken away. Hope all is well with the rest of the pack.

1-19-09 Update from foster daddy: Everything is still great. She has put on weight nicely but I am cutting her food back a bit to maintain. Her ears seem to be good, still keeping them clean. She fits right in with my other fellow.......just as long as she doesn't try to steal his food! She loooooves to roll in the dirt & makes nests of leave & twigs in the garden.

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