Daisy's progress in her new home...

Posted April 14, 2009 2:25 pm
"Each day has been better than the one before, and today was no exception. Mid-morning today, I heard a single bark from Daisy while I was on a conference call, and when I went downstairs about 30 minutes later, having heard no additional noise the entire time, I found that the gate to the living room had been left ajar and Wally had pushed it open and entered the room. Daisy is confined in a large penned area within the great room, but there was bigger piggy, laying there sleeping next to her pen. Daisy was sitting there watching CMT intently on the big screen, and there was no fuss at all. In fact, there wasn't even any apparent tension on either of their parts. Wally snoozing, Daisy watching a Tim McGraw video! We walked them together tonight, both on lease, and no problems, lunging, barking, etc. Just business being conducted and exercise, so we're making lots of progress.

Thereafter, Emily had Daisy in her room for some one-on-one girl time for a few hours before their bedtime, and now little piggy is sleeping soundly and snoring like a buzz saw! Oh, and I love the comment on Daisy's "pig snorting frenzies". That's hilarious, and so very fitting of Miss Daisy. Even separated by one room, when her and Wally have their 25 second wolf down dinner, it's like your down on the hog farm!"

****** ADOPTION UPDATE: Daisy went to her new home in Indiana!

Posted April 9, 2009 9:49 am

Daisy departed right from the meet-up party on Saturday to her new fur-ever home! Wally Bear and family drove all the way from Indiana to pick up their new bundle of squishy joy! Here's Daisy at the party right before her departure:

Daisy is making a stand on her first days in her new home. We wanted to share with you a conversation between Daisy's foster mommy and the new adopter and offer tips for a successful transition. The following is being shared for educational purposes as well.

"Don't worry she is a total sweetheart and will calm down soon. The first few days with her are pure adjustment and as you most likely have figured out she is very easily excited into a pig snorting freenzie! LOL... She will always do that but you will eventually get used to it... Its her signature...

Daisy is very good at routines and should be on one constantly... This was our routine:

1. Morning. Wake up and immediately go outside for "business" out the same door. (using the same door teachers her which door to go to when she is trying to let your know she needs to go) Most of the time she is to excited to go but if you have patience she will get it done (#1 most likely)

2. Breakfast. This one done is the same spot everyday and she knew exactly where to run to and she would sit like a lady and wait. If she won't sit give the "finger point" command and if that still doesn't work give the "finger point" command combined with a slight raise of the bowl to encourage. As soon as she sits YUM YUM YUM!

3. Play time. (10-30 min) Give her some play time to get the pipes working and some energy out. You will begin to notice when she has to go #2.

4. Outside again. I would either let her in the back yard or take her for a nice walk depending on how hot it is outside. If you are going to walk her a HARNESS IS A MUST! She chokes herself and will chase anything that moves. Anything!!

5. Cleaning of the face, ears, behind and "strawberry". At this point she will be winded and cleaning her will be a breeze. She is always easy to clean but at first this is the easiest time to clean her. If you show her the cleaning supplies and will normally sit and wait. At that point place your hand on her back and encourage her to the floor will she will lay there and allow you to clean away. Lots of hugs and kisses after her cleaning!

Night time is done that exact same way. Daisy will learn your footstep pattern and will eventually figure out what you are doing and how and when to follow you. It is especially cute when she gets so caught up in your feet that she face plants into your leg. You have got to love her for that! The following are a few hand signals that she was able to pick up:

1. Sit. Point finger downward as if you were making a hand gun and say "sit". If she doesn't respond at first try using a bit of her dog food as a treat. Move the treat over her head making her look up and sit. As soon as she has sat reward her.

2.Come. Open hand with palm facing forward and fingers pointed downward and say "come". She will literally bring her face right to your hand. Again if you have to use a little bit of food at first thats fine.

3. Come and follow. Pat your thigh with your hand and tell her to "come on". She will follow you to where you want her to go.

4. Bedtime. She knows when it is time for bed and will try to hide. If you place your hand or foot on her butt and nudge her and say "bedtime" she will literally run to bed. At that point she will want a nice rub and a goodnight kiss.

I know it may sound awkward to talk to a deaf dog but they read your facial expressions and it helps with the training enormously. Besides it makes the relationship more "normal" for yourself. Like I said before, it is nothing but patience with her. Once she learns her routine and how things work she will fit in like the piece of the puzzle you never knew you were missing. The following link is a site that has more suggestions on how to train Daisy but remember you do what works for the both of you and have lots and lots of patience. http://www.deafdogs.org/ "

GOOD LUCK GUYS!! (Thank you foster mommy Megan!)

Daisy is getting adopted!!!

Posted April 3, 2009 8:57 am

Every-bullie is invited as the S. FL Meetup Group & Adopt-A-Bull Rescue party hard this weekend celebrating Daisy's adoption! We'll be meeting at Mommie Erica's house...join our meetup group for more details!!! http://engbulldog.meetup.com/300/

Daisy is going to be Wally Bear's new sister!!! Wally Bear was one of Adopt-A-Bull's rescues who was adopted last year. (See Wally Bear's Blog) His family is back on the road again, traveling from Indiana to pick up their new addition = Daisy baby!!!

I CAN SEE!!! I CAN SEE!!! - Daisy got the stitches removed from her eyes today!

Posted March 18, 2009 10:30 am

Daisy gets her 2nd entropion eye surgery!

Posted March 7, 2009 5:44 pm

Daisy went to the vet for a check up on Thursday and her tear production is excellent! She has nearly perfect tear production and no longer needs dry eye drops (cyclosporin). Whooo Hoooo!!! Her skin is so much better and we've come to terms with the fact that our deaf bald baby girl will most likely be half hairless for good, but at least she can see!

Here's Daisy wwwwaaaayyyy before she came to Adopt-A-Bull, these first two pics are of Daisy when she first got to the shelter:

Here are some post-op pics taken of Daisy today:

Daisy baby is loving life!

Posted March 2, 2009 6:26 pm

Daisy came over for a few days to visit mommie Erica and she's doing great! She's gained a couple pounds and her skin looks fabulous! It's not so red and irritated anymore, and she even has a tiny bit more hair growth from last I remember! Daisy is such a goofball, her personality is so bubbly and playful, it's good to have her back for a few days.

You can see how much better her skin and coat looks...

Who doesn't want a dallop of Daisy?

Posted January 25, 2009 10:36 pm

Little Miss Daisy wanted to show off her sunblock t-shirt... (with the lack of hair I thought it was best to keep her from getting sun burnt when she is outside during the day). She had to have a RockStar t-shirt to show off her new style and new beginnings! Daisy is a blessing, in the form of an alarm clock... She has kept me from being late a few times... Her personality and lovability is priceless and my Popeye appreciates her beyond belief... He gets up in the middle of the night to check on her and when she isn't in the room he goes and brings her back... all in all Daisy is doing great!

New treatment plan for Daisy

Posted January 17, 2009 8:15 pm

The eye specialist advised against performing Daisy's 2nd entropion surgery because he feels her tear production is still too low. Daisy will continue on Tacro eye drops for a couple months more and then get re-evaluated. The specialist said that if we really wanted to do the surgery, he would do it, but could not guarantee that we would see any positive results and would most likely be a waste of money at this point. Daisy's skin still has some redness and puffiness which would hinder positive results. The thick skin and tough folds surrounding her eyes and on her face currently is preventing a good post-op prognosis. Daisy did, however, see a dermatologist and now has a new treatment plan which provides for the recovery of some hair. Daisy is on a 3 week cycle of Keto combined with a 3 month regimen of Melatonin pills. The goal is to stimulate hair growth from the root where the original folicile has been lying dorminant. We are hopefull for a fuzzier Daisy, but for the time being, we enjoy our bald baby girl!

Daisy goes for her 2nd entropion surgery on the 15th!

Posted January 12, 2009 12:24 pm

Doll baby Daisy is making sure she gets lots of rest prior to her surgery this Thursday. Now you gotta understand something.... at mommy Erica's house no bullie is allowed in her bed, that's right, bullies stay on the floor only! But, one day, mommie Erica was feeling really bad for Daisy and she let her up on the bed for "experimentation" purposes only. Well, here are some darling pic of that very rare occasion:

Daisy goes to foster care!

Posted January 5, 2009 2:13 pm

Daisy is finally able to be trusted in a foster home other than mine! She's is going to be fostered by brudder Popeye for a little bit. Mommie Megan adopted Popeye from Adopt-A-Bull last year (See Popeye's blog). Daisy is scheduled for her entropion surgery for January 15th, 2009 and will recovering with Mommie Megan.

Daisy managed to get Popeye to share his bed with her! He doesn't even like to share his bed with me... She is a crafty little girl...Popeye and Daisy are doing wonderfully... It took a couple of corrections to keep Popeye from being what Popeye does best but now they are just fine... My feet are a different story! ;-) But they both stopped to pose for a picture. Enjoy!

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