Congrats on your forever home Punky!

Posted April 6, 2009 9:29 pm

We are so happy for you and your new forever Mommie! It's been quite some time you spent with Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, but time definitely worth the wait. We knew your perfect adopter was out there and although it took a little longer for us to make the match happen for you we had to make sure you went to someone that was capable of dealing with your special needs. We are so glad you went to a local fur-ever home so we can have visitation rights! Here are some pics of Punky's last days in our rescue program:

Happy St. Punky's Day!!!

Posted March 16, 2009 11:19 pm

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY from the Adopt-A-Bulls!

Punky Play Time!

Posted March 11, 2009 11:26 pm
Punky is currently being fostered by Adopt-A-Bull's VP along with Patchy and her own two bulldogs. Punky has previously been fostered in homes as an only dog due to her testy attitude with sharing her space. This blog is a view into Punky's new adventures documented by her new foster mommie. "I've known Punky since we first got her from the shelter and I have always been in love with her small size and huge personality. Spunky Punky is not a push over and has never let her malformations limit her in any way. I was prepared for her to take this transition with bold attitude. Upon being welcomed into her new pack of bullies, she was very nice and calmly asserted herself as an alpha. She even got along fine with my own alpha girl. She was however immediately possessive about her crate, food, and water. I kept the sides of her crate covered to give it a safe "den" feeling and fed her separately out of sight of any other dogs. To my surprise, with in two days she was sharing her crate and water dish with no hesitation or tension! I'm proud to say now, weeks later, she even eats with the pack. She was very open, excepting, and tolerable to anything these bullies did because they were now a familiar part of her pack. For a naturally alpha girl she plays amazingly well and takes just as much as she gives. They all play wrestle for at least an hour straight until they are completely pooped! I am totally confident that Punky could be placed in a home with submissive dogs and not only do great but also enjoy the company. She does need an assertive mommie and daddy to balance the first transition for it to be successful. Here is one of many videos of Punky playing with her new bullie friends. Enjoy!

Punky gets a Blog!

Posted March 8, 2009 7:03 pm
Spunky Punky now has her very own blog! Keep visiting for frequent updates, pictures, and videos of Punky's adventures. We hope this extra exposure will show people Punky's true capabilities and help find her forever home. She has been in our program since June 2008 and although she wins the hearts of all whom meet her, she has yet to find that someone who sees past her deformities. We know that Punky is extremely capable at daily doggie life and we hope by sharing this, that you will too.

Punky's Bio: Punky is officially our smallest adult rescue! She has congenital birth defects from poor breeding attempts to produce a "miniature" bulldog. She is full grown, weighs only 21 lbs, and is the size of a four month old puppy. She has skeletal malformations that make her walk funny and her left front leg is basically nonfunctional. Regardless of her condition, she is super sweet, full of life, and bounces around as happy as can be! Punky is underweight and needs to gain a few pounds. Thankfully, she tested negative for heartworm, ehrlichia, and lyme disease. We will be taking her to an orthopedic specialist for evaluation and see if anything can be done to make her front leg more functional. She doesn't appear to be in any pain from her condition and gets around really well. Since she has likely been this way since birth she doesn't know any different. Spunky Punky gets along with other dogs and does like to play, she's okay with cats, and absolutely fabulous with children of all ages! However, she is protective about her crate/bed and food around unfamiliar dogs. She probably feels she has to compensate for her small size. We feel she would do best with a submissive dog or as an only dog.

Diagnosis from Orthopedic Surgeon: Left Elbow, bilateral dislocation, complete, chronic/congenital. Right Hip: Coxofemoral subluxation (moderate/severe) with secondary degenerative joint disease (moderate). Assessment - unfortunately, there is no surgical solution for the elbow - if it ever becomes a source of discomfort, left forequarter amputation might be a future consideration. Her hips are typical for this breed, if the left becomes a significant source of discomfort, future femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty may be considered. Knees are not an issue at this time.

So basically, Punky's left front elbow is fused and though it does not help her function it doesn't impede her functions either, and because it isn't painful no amputation is necessary. She has typical hip dysplasia and surgery may be needed in the future if the condition ever becomes painful. Punky certainly knows no boundaries and she moves just as agile and fast as any other dog in the pack! She's a little package with big personality and all she needs now is tons of love, affection, and a forever family!

12-12-08 Update: Punky is doing very well & has been enjoying sleeping (and snoring!) in various spots throughout the downstairs. She certainly loves that bed of hers & drags it to all her favorite spots to take a short nap. I still haven't introduced her to the cat but am planning on trying that out sometime later in the week in order to give her a little bit more time to adjust to a new environment & allow for my cat to "de-stress" over having another dog in the house. She loves her toys. I bought her a little rag bone that is now permanently wet from all her slobber & chewing! She also responds very well to basic training. I've attached some pics of her in this email. I tried really hard to get a picture of her dragging her bed out of her crate to her favorite spot by the back porch doors but unfortunately she was a little too quick for the camera flash.

12-17-08 Update: We are doing very well! She's been doing great & seems to have adjusted well. She recently learned that she can in fact climb the stairs so we've been doing some training with teaching her to remain downstairs. It's going very very well. She also helped me put the tree up last week (and by help I mean drool on the tree skirt & knock off some balls because she thought her reflection was another dog). She really likes the tree too & has been dragging her bed underneath it to nap. It's really cute. Her introductions with the cat have been going great which is fantastic. The cat is almost comfortable enough to come downstairs now (she usually makes it to the 2nd to last step & sits there). Punky no longer tries to chase her (though she did want to chase a stray that was sitting on my neighbor's porch) & has been getting calmer faster when the cat is around. I attached a few pictures I've taken (and believe me, I have tons more!) Some are of her under the tree.

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