Although the pain of losing Wookie...

Posted February 23, 2009 2:14 pm

... still lingers with us, we are glad to know he experienced happiness and love during his last weeks on earth. Our favorite vet tech, Auntie Cyndi, surprised us with a very special gift so that we'd always have a memory of Wookie. She got Wookie's paw print in clay and assembled a handmade keepsake in Wookie's honor. Thank you Auntie Cyndi.

Special thanks also to Auntie Margie and all Wookie's fundable donors - because of you and your amazing generosity, Wookie's last days were so much more enjoyable. I'm sure he's looking down from above with a heart full of thanks.

RIP Wookie...

Posted February 15, 2009 10:23 pm more hurt, no more pain, no more worries or sadness. Wookie is now at rest. His story (the part we knew) was very disturbing to say the least. Unfortunately, Wookie did not make it to rescue in time, but we take comfort in knowing his last weeks on this earth were filled with love, kindness, and happy memories... ones that we were able to provide for him. Wookie's story is a demonstration of the reality of rescue. Organizations like ours exist to assist the "Wookies" of the world, and your support enables us to continue our vital work. Please hug your babies tight each day, and remember that not all bullies are as fortunate as the ones we call our own.

Although, as of today, we currently have 19 bulldog in our rescue program, time constraints only allow us to post blog entries on the most critical cases. (All our dogs can be seen under "Adopt-A-Bulls") The bulldogs and their daily care is our first priority, yet while we would love to share blogs on every dog that comes thru our program, it's just not possible. Wookie's story may come to an end on this page, however he will forever live on in our hearts. His kind spirit and trusting eyes keep us going.... continuing with our rescue work to help his friends that make their way to us.

Wookie Update...

Posted February 6, 2009 9:29 pm

Wookie remains in stable condition. We have come to find out he is a bit possessive over his "special treats" and has gotten in a few squabbles with the other bullies when a yummy treat is involved. Overall Wookie is a good boy, he is totally submissive around those he knows, but when a new dog is around he's quick to shove his head between their legs to find out if the newbie is a boy or girl. Wookie tends to be uncomfortable in areas with wide open spaces, he will normally retreat to a crate or corner where he feels most comfortable. Lately it seems the tumors/masses in his body are gradually getting larger in size. He shows no obvious signs of pain, as we are very gentle with him anyway, however, we know how it is with these bullies being extremely tolerant. Of course, no one wants to foster a terminal bullie so Wookie has been with Mommie Erica since his admission to Adopt-A-Bull. Tomorrow, we have an adoption event and Wookie will be in attendance to share his rescue story and promote adoption. (DON'T BREED AND BUY WHILE SHELTER PETS DIE!)

It has become very busy at Erica's house with all the new arrivals and other special needs bullies so after our adoption event tomorrow, Wookie will spend a couple days with a new foster mommie who is also a registered nurse and previous adopter of Adopt-A-Bull. She will evaluate him for a bit and spend some 1:1 time with him.

Wookie meets a new friend... Huggie Bear!

Posted February 2, 2009 7:03 pm

Another Bullie Wash Weekend!

Posted January 28, 2009 9:55 am

Adopt-A-Bull had another bullie wash this past weekend and Wookie was so excited to start the day, he could hardly contain himself!

We got ready for the day, had a good breakfast, and even a nice pose for mommy as we went potty!

Yet again, Wookie got a medicated bath from head to toe, his ears flushed and cleaned, nails clipped, toes scrubbed and powdered, and much more. We had 13 volunteers come out and help last Sunday and every-bullie was pampered and spoiled!

Wookie gets a fa-bull-ous new heated bed..

Posted January 25, 2009 10:49 pm

...and some special treats from 2 special Auntie's on Network 54's Bulldog Rescue Forum!!! Here's Wookie testing out his new bed! He loves to sleep in it and it's so funny to see him take a toy and carry it to his bed.

Freezing our butts off!

Posted January 22, 2009 7:01 pm

It's 40 degrees here in sunny Florida and mommy got me another sweater to keep me warm cuz I keep peeing in my other one..... lol
Mommy was gonna take me to work today with her, but she remembered that she couldn't because she took her space heater from da office and put in the quarantine shed for Muggs. Muggs is a new rescue bullie we got in last night. With only one space heater alternating between those bullies that need it and keepin mommies buffin' warm at work, mommy didn't want to take me into work where I might be cold so she's getting another heater tonight. Who woulda thought dat in FL we would need a space heater?!?!?!?! The quarantine shed is set up with A/C, but not a heater so we had to do a little juggling! N-E-wayz, I am doing good, and coming out of my shell. I really don't pee anymore when mommy comes up tp me to give me a pet, I know her well enuf now that I don't have to be scared. I love my new home and although I prefer to stay in my crate for most of the day, I am sooooo happy! Luv yas - Wooks!

Wookie is having the time of his life!!!

Posted January 20, 2009 6:00 pm

I've never seen such a sick dog open up so much around others! I couldn't get him to stop playing today! He was so funny running around the yard chasing the other bullies to get them to play with him. At first it was all fun and games until he knew he was strong enough to mount the others and then it turned out to be a hump fest! (Yes, Wookie is still neutered)

Our Backyard Bullie Wash was yesterday...

Posted January 19, 2009 9:51 am

.... and Wookie was the star of the day! He got a nice Malaseb soak, a nail trim, and was pampered from head to toe! Thank you to the volunteers that came out to help. Here's some pics of Wookie from his spa day, by the end of at all he fell asleep in our arms:

The Results are in...

Posted January 16, 2009 2:21 pm

.... as suspected, Wookie has Lymphoma. The big tumor under his neck is in fact a "chain of four masses with all lymph nodes enlarged." Both slides sent to the lab are of high cellularity, interpreted to be neoplastic lymphoblasts. Wookie is also heartworm positive and has severe demodex mange. Wookie's stage of progressed lymphoma is fatal. We can't treat the heartworms because he has lymphoma and we can't treat the lymphoma because he is heartworm positive. Chemo is not an option. Wookie is not treatable...

If you look back to Wookie's shelter pic you can see his belly is distended, the cancer has spread, he even has masses under his belly and near his penis. In the pic you can see where his neck looks "swollen" even as he stands normally. We know now, this is more than just an infection or swollen glands :( Wookie has not been able to hold his potty overnight, I know it's not his fault. He does not seem to be in any obvious pain except when we clean his infected ears, he'll let out a little cry to let us know they are very sensitive, even to cleaning. The tumor is heavy and bothersome, preventing Wookie from laying flat down like a normal bullie so he adjusts positions often until the tumor moves to the side and he can lay comfortably. He also has a hard time getting to his feet from a laying position. We know Wookie's time with us is limited, we will keep him comfortable until it's his time to be with Jesus. We aren't sure how much longer Wookie will be with us, but we are certain of one thing - the rest of his life will be some of the best days he's ever had.

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