"Rescuers Need Rescue, Too" - By Chandra Moira Beal

Posted August 2, 2010 1:27 pm
Animal rescue is deeply rewarding yet extremely difficult work. To survive in this realm, one must find healthy ways to cope with the emotional challenges. Here are 10 points to ponder:

You can't save them all. Even if you spent every hour of every day working to save animals,
you still wouldn't be able to save them all. Take comfort in knowing
that you are not alone in your efforts.

Work smarter, not harder.Manage your rescue efforts like a business. Organize tasks to make the
best use of time. For example, time spent recruiting more volunteers may
make more sense in the long run than trying to do more yourself. If you
find yourself pulled in many directions, you might be more effective if
you focus on one rescue facility, one geographic locale, or one species
or breed.

Just say no. Many people feel guilty when they can't
take care of everything that comes up. Be realistic about how much you
can handle! If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to say, "I can't
right now." Delegate to others when possible, and ask for help when you
need it.

You are making a difference. Whenever you question
whether you're helping very much, remember the old parable about the man
walking on the beach, picking up starfish who have washed ashore and
tossing them gently, one by one, back into the ocean. Another man
approaches, notices that there are starfish on the beach for as far as
the eye can see, and asks, "What difference can you possibly make when
there are so many?" Looking at the creature in his hand, the first man
replies, "I can make all the difference in the world to THIS starfish."

Celebrate victories. There are happy endings to many rescue stories. Rejoice in
what is working. Of course, seeing an animal go home with a loving
family is the greatest reward of all.

Small kindnesses do count.
It's common to think that small efforts don't mean as much as large
victories, but stopping to pet an animal, even for just one minute is
worth doing. Your touch may be the only friendly attention he or she
receives that day. Grooming, holding and comforting, or intoning softly
that you care, are activities that many shelters don't have time for.

Findoutlets for emotional release. Rescue work can be physically
exhausting, emotionally draining and spiritually challenging. Don't
dismiss your feelings or think you're a wimp for being affected by it
all. Talk to someone you trust about what you're experiencing. Cry when
you need to. Write your feelings in a journal.

Channel your emotions into action by writing to the editor of your newspaper or your
local representatives about the need for animal protection legislation.

Take care of yourself. Make time to do whatever makes you feel good. Take a
relaxing bath, or go out to dinner and let someone else do the cooking.
You need to recharge your batteries in order to maintain mental and
physical health.

Don't downplay your compassion. When people ask
me why I rescue animals, often I'm tempted to say, "Oh, it's not big
deal" or "Somebody's got to do it," when in reality I rescue animals
because I care so deeply about them. Compassion is healthy, normal and
necessary for this work. Let people know how important this cause is to
you. You just might inspire others to become involved.

Never give up. When you get discouraged, it is tempting to throw in the towel.
Take a break, and come back fighting. And remember the man and the

Collections of Feedback & Emails Received

Posted February 16, 2009 1:58 pm

Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, Inc. receives a tremendous amount of feedback from people all over the world that stumble upon our website. Much of the feedback we receive comes thru the "contact us" feature of our website and is authored by people we don\'t even know that feel compelled to drop us a line and a few words of encouragement. Some of the feedback is from members, foster homes, adopters, volunteers and/or rescue supporters and advocates. As of today, we will compile this blog of feedback to encourage all those that help in Adopt-A-Bull\'s rescue efforts. May the following words of encouragement give us, as rescuers and volunteers, the strength and physical endurance we need to continue aiding the Bulldogs so desperately need our assistance.

"RESCUE BURNOUT" - Seems this is happening all too often in rescue, and rightfully so. I\'d be lying if I said we at Adopt-A-Bull were not feeling the strain and stress. Most if not ALL of us have regular "PAYING" jobs and rescuing is just something on the side we do to volunteer and help these poor dogs. Most times it\'s our volunteer rescue work that takes more time & energy than our paying jobs.
With very few people to vent to that truely understand the nature of bulldog rescue, or simply rescue in general, sometimes feelings and emotions can get bottled up. For that reason, we have started this blog. When it feels like we are fighting a losing battle and the bullies keep coming, as well as the criticism, we look back on this blog to remember..... the good, for once... and how in the end, it is worth it. A saved life is worth it.... so worth it. Stay encouraged everyone... the dogs need you!

  • "I love your website, the best I have seen, really informative about your bullies."
  • "I have been following Pumpkin\'s story since you rescued her. I just now came to read about Wookie. I cried for a half an hour after I read this sad sad story through tear filled eyes. I volunteer for a rescue and have NEVER seen such a horrible situation. You are angels! That poor dog looks like he was having the time of his life playing in the yard. Please give him love and kisses for me and hold onto him as long as you can. As I am crying now its tears of happiness because if it wasn\'t for your rescue he would have never known love!! God Bless you!!!!!"
  • "Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you what a great job I think you do helping poor bullies! I own one myself and live in the Boston area but am always checking your bully blog as I am a native West Palm Beacher. Bandit and Dugan have stolen my heart and I wish I could be their new mommy! I am praying for Wookie. Keep doing what you do, Adopt a Bull is fantastic!"
  • "I have never had the fortune to own a Bulldog, but have interacted with several at my job (I am a veterinary technician at an emergency pet care clinic in Northeast Tennessee.) I have come to fall completely in love with the breed. I just wanted to write to commend you on the wonderful work you do for these amazing dogs. It takes a special person to do the job you all do. All my thanks for a job well done, repeatedly!"
  • "I had been watching Sampson online at the humane society and discussing with my fiance if we could rescue/foster solely to save him. I am so glad that you saved his life. We have 3 rescue dogs already and a cat and have been hit pretty hard due to the economy. I cannot keep him but would be willing to foster him if you think he would fit in our family."
  • "I love reading your bully blog, and check daily for progress reports and updates. Just wanted to commend you for the wonderful job you do!"
  • " Wanted to share with you what a wonderful baby Jake (we actually named him Sunny) is!! He needed and still needs a lot of dicipline, attention, and most of all - consistency...and it is all so worth it!! If my husband would let me, I would have so many more!! I wish there was a way that the public could have access to information that would inform them of certain bloodlines that carry congenital diseases. I still cannot believe that the AKC (with all the money they generate) will not do more as far as educating the public about the serious health conditions that are carelessly bred into these wonderful dogs that they represent. It kills me to know that there are breeders out there still using the bloodline that my bulldog came from. My dog was considered "show quality" and lived such a short life with almost every problem known to man. I informed the breeder of this but how am I to know that they are not still using his parents for more breeding.......causing more innocent bulldogs to suffer needlessly. My husband and I were so impressed with the love and passion you have for bulldogs and I just wanted to share with you how I felt about all this. If you ever have any ideas on this issue, please let me know."
  • "I am so sorry to hear about Wookie. Of course, I cried.....I just loved him. Even my husband was upset over the news. I cannot express to you enough how important it was that you were in his life those last few weeks/months. I am sure he did not want to leave you, but it was okay because he knew love....thanks to you and all the people who surrounded him day after day. There is no better feeling than knowing you gave him such happiness in the end. Thank you for loving him like I would have."
  • "Maggie (FloJo) is continuing to do well in her fur-ever home and still gets along great with her lab brother and sister. Plus, she\'s AMAZING with our daughter Camren, who will be six months next week - time flies! Cam squeals and giggles at Maggie every day, and Maggie loves to lick the bottom of Camren\'s feet - it\'s too cute :O) We\'ll be sending our check for membership renewal, and a big box of ink cartridges. We look forward to the day when we can send a lifetime member check. Keep up all the good work and have a safe and happy holiday season. I know what the bullys are thankful for. God bless you and all the volunteers for what you do to make the world a better place for all of us - with two legs and with four."
  • " I'm so glad we came across your website and were able to foster such a great boy...I'm not sure we'll be able to give him up when the time comes...actually I'm sure we won't want to give him up. He's just PERFECT! : ) Thank you for allowing us to be foster parents!!!"
  • "Thank you for Bonnela! We love her so much. We can't imagine ever not having her in our family! I am just soo thankful that no one else had scooped her up before we got her!! Thank you!!!!!!!! On another topic, I was shocked to see how many new bullies you had on the page. I am soo sorry, but so glad they are in good hands now! I am soo happy that they are doing well. WOW!!! Amazing stories every time. Anyway, I am sorry to always go on and on, you have so much to do. But thank you, soo much, for bringing such happiness into our home. Bonnela is an angel and we really are so happy to have her in our family!!! I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have Bonnela as part of our family! Thank you for all you do!"
  • "I will never forget that brave little boy (Wookie) and your stories about him. I wish I could give you a hug. You gave him love and joy in his final weeks and that is what counts the most."
  • "The last weeks he had were probably the best of his life thanks to you and your rescuers. RIP Wookie.....you were much loved!"
  • "My heart goes out to you in this time of sorrow. We are all sad for the loss of this special life. Thanks for giving him love, probably for the first time in his life. Take care and know how much you mattered to Wookie."
  • "My heart is breaking. At least he went knowing love, your were his angel! You gave him the happiest days of his life and he will never forget that. Thank you for showing him the real way dogs were supposed to live."
  • "I hope you can find peace and happiness in what you did for him. Others would have euthanized him right away before attachments could be formed, but you were selfless and only thought of what was best for him. You opened your home and let him into your heart. I\'ll bet he passed in peaceful bliss and I\'m sure he will be eternally grateful for the kindness you and your group showed him. I\'m so sorry for your loss and so grateful for all you do for the dogs."
  • "Dear Wookie, you found love that knew no end with Erica and her friends...that\'s all I can write...I\'m losing it."
  • "I am so sorry, but ut so glad he spent his last days with you happy, comfy, and not hungry. He had the best life with you and thank you for all you did. RIP Wookie, you will never be forgotten."
  • "Hi. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Dozer is doing great. He is an absolute angel and the entire family loves him. My parents come over every sunday to visit Dozer! They say its to see us, but we know better. We can\'t thank you enough for Dozer and for the service you provide. We are so grateful to have found you and him. I assure you that he is very loved and well taken care of. Thanks again."
  • "T his Saturday is My "Miss Piggy Birthday" She is the love of my life. I thank You today & everyday for bringing her in my life!! WE LOVE YOU !!!!"
  • From the shelter manager we rescued Popeye from: " WHAT A GORGEOUS BOY!! OMG!! I am so happy on what a complete 180 hes done. WHAT A SWEETHEART!! I am so happy you guys came to save the day on this lil bugger!! I am impressed. I am so grateful that someone was able to give him his daily medication. I am so happy to have known this dog to see what a great transformation this dog has gone through. I remember you telling me that you would take any bulldog no matter what the condition it is in. Now THAT'S what a rescue is all about."
  • "Keep up the good work! The bullies are lucky to have you and your great team of volunteers/donors!"
  • "One glance at Wookie and shear anger was all I could feel, once reading the story anger gave way to pure horror. I am soooooo glad he was able to be surrounded by people that loved him. I became a member (of your organization) last summer when I was trying to adopt a rescue of my own. This rescue stole my heart immediately. You guys are wonderful and these bullies are so lucky to have a second chance. I rescued my second bullie 6 months ago and I could not help but think of her when I was reading Wookie\'s blog updates. No she was not near in the condition that he was but it was obvious that she had been abused. God Bless you and all your efforts and yes I will hug my babies tightly when I get home."
  • "Dugan is doing great. He has such wonderful qualities that have been truly unexpected and welcomed. Moreover he has been fabulous with our 11 month old daughter and she simply adores him! They are the best of friends as seen in the attached pictures. We still are working on his barking issues, but that is moving forward. I only wish we were closer and could join in the get togethers with the other bulldog families!"
  • "What a wonderful thing you all do for these poor dogs! I noticed very well written information and descriptions for these dogs."
  • " My boyfriend and I have been doing research to adopt a bull dog for the past 6 months. We found your website last month and find ourselves reading all the blogs and are so touched by your site! We would love to be a part of this organization."
  • "Thank u so much! I just wanted to tell you and thank you again. I\'ve been so down these past few months between losing my dog, Yona, my divorce. .. adjusting to living all alone, etc. But ever since I got in contact with Adopt-A-Bull I have been so happy and excited. You have given me so much to look forward to. I have so much time and love to give and I want to thank u and this rescue for all your time and for this opportunity where I can make a difference in the bulldogs lives and help to find them a great forever home! God bless you and this rescue agency!"
  • "Thank you for all that you do for these animals, you have a huge heart."

  • "Thank you for the e-mails. I just love them and all that is going on to save our Bullies so cute and good...You are a saint to me for finding Muggs, I just love him....and thank you from God for giving me him you are a good person. Muggs sends his Love and kisses.

  • "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was sad for so long and now I am just excited! The reading materials were so helpful. I wish I would have had some guidance when I first adopted Heidi. There is so much to learn!"

  • "We are very lucky that you rescued Moose! We love him, thank you."

  • " Very nice newsletter! I love all the pictures of the beautiful Bullies. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."

  • "The site is great and the application process is very thorough, yet pretty simple."

  • "U got another bullie? Pretty soon you\'re going to have to buy a farm to have enough room! lol. But you\'re heart\'s as big as the world so I guess it balances out. :)"

  • "I wish I lived closer, I would SO be helping you out a lot. Please, if ever I can do anything, let me know. Love and hugs, you deserve them all."

  • "What a sad, sad story. I can't believe people let this abuse happen to something that is so loving. If I lived in your area I would come help you bathe the babies. The pictures are terrible, but quite effective in educating us about what some of these dogs deal with before they get rescued."

  • "Thanks again for all you do for the Bully Dogs...you are angels for the breed."

  • "Thank you for all you have done for us and for Bonnela. We are so lucky to have her. Thank you for making that possible! She brings so much happiness to our home and our hearts. Thank you!!"

  • "I just wanted to thank you for this site. It is amazing what some of these animals have been through but they can still trust people. Reading some of these dog\'s stories brought tears to my eyes, but I am so glad they had people like your volunteers there for them. I will definitely consider rescue before we add another pet to our home. Thank you for all that you do."

  • "Read your web site an would just like to say "bravo"! Too many people don\'t realize the time and money it takes to properly care for their bulldoggies and I would hope they research the breed before they make their choice. Your message may enlighten many. Thanks"

  • "I have been following Parker\'s progress- I am in love with him & wish him the best!! I am on the Board for ******* Adoption League -& am a Vet Tech-- I wish him the best- God Bless! Let me know if I can do anything... I just mailed you a foster app for myself!!!"

  • "I am so very sorry to hear about Brutus. It REALLY hurts me when I see a dog that has gone through so much pain and neglect. I am just grateful that you were able to have him in your care for his last days. Although it was only for a short time, Brutus was loved and cared for THANKS TO YOU . Thank God for Adopt-a-Bull and for your enormously large heart!!!"

  • "I know we don\'t donate ALL the time, but when we have a few extra bucks we like to give it to you guys because we\'re Bullie lovers and want to support all that you guys do for them! Thanks to you (and everyone else at Adopt-a-Bull) we have a beautiful, happy bulldog. Unfortunately this was not always the case for him, so we thank you and so does he! Keep up the good work!"

  • "I just want to tell you I am so ..... impressed with ALL that you have accomplished with this organization. You have made so many families happy but most of all you have been able to give loving homes to so many bullies no matter what their needs are.They (All the bullies) have been very fortunate to have come to you in their time of need with the loving care you provide to get them back on their feet and ready for their new home. You are a very special person to devote so much time and love to these animals.You are the best at what you do. Have a great day Andrea"

  • "Our old dog, Beamer, recently died and we are so fortunate to have Apple to help ease our heartache. Thanks again for giving us Apple and for the wonderful work you do for our bullie friends."

  • "I just can not say Thank you enough. Buddha Gus is PERFECT! He is such a great fit. I am so glad that you advised and helped us with the process. If there is anything I can do for you and the Organization, please just ask and I will do everything I can to help. Thank you again so much, K.K."

  • "I have lurked on your website for the past year and am astonished at what people do or DON\'T do for the lovely bullies in our lives.
    You are a true ANGEL for all that you do - the care, compassion, time, sensitivity and love goes so far for these little bullies that need it. Sending good thoughts and prayers for Gonzo and the others:) THANK YOU from a new bully mom! "

  • "I just wanted to say, I think your bully rescue is great. I love the breed and have been researching them for years now. I would love nothing more than to adopt one of your beautiful bullies but unfortunetly I live in Ontario Canada. I have no luck with finding bullies for adoption in my province. If I ever come to Flordia, your rescue will be the first place I go. Anyways keep up the good work, the bullies need it." C.O.

  • "Hello! Just wanna say hello to you and dear God bless you for helping this most dearest creatures in this world. Wish you all the best in future. Many hugs and kisses for every bully!"

  • "I just wanted to tell you what great work you do. As an owner of an English Bulldog I never understand why people do this to these precious animals. I made a small donation and I\'m sorry it couldn\'t be more. I wanted to cry when I read about Gonzo." Lauren B. NJ

  • "What you are doing is so wonderful... so admirable. Your website it great, and I love how you add wording & graphics to the photos. I would love to help you, but I\'m so far away - in PA. I have 2 bullies myself and just adore the breed... their snoring, smooshie faces, crispy tongues that hang out... love it all. :-)" Amy

  • "I just wanted to tell you guys how wonderful your organization is. I rescued a bulldog/boxer of my own (fiona) and she is the light of my life. I cry when I see these poor dogs and how people can be so disgusting. I know it probably doesn\'t mean a lot but I just wanted you to know someone out there appreciates what you are doing. I plan on donating when i\'m able to. Please don\'t ever give up giving these dogs love and homes."

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your work with Buster. The dog\'s owners are my sister and her husband. It was wonderful to have a place for Buster to go after he bit my sister for the second time. Even though it appears that Buster may need to be euthanized, I know that they feel that everything has been done that could be done to train Buster to be able to deal with humans. It has been a traumatic experience for both of them, but your kindness and patience have made it a little easier. Thanks again!"

  • "Thank you, for all the wonderful work you do and the care you provide to less fortunate bullies."

  • "Thank you for all you and your volunteers do for the bullies of your area. You are an inspiriation to me and the reason why I got into rescue work! " Annie in NY

  • "I love your before and after page. The things you and your organization have done are so phenomenal!! We are all forever grateful to you!! We are lucky to have our sweet angels, because of you being the angel first!! Thank you!!!"

  • "You are doing an amazing job - I just wish I lived closer to help."

  • "You are such a saint, truly. I have so much respect and admiration for you and what you're doing, the bullies of the world are so lucky to have you!!!"

  • "If I haven\'t told you before, I just want to let you know how proud I am of you and what you have done for the bulldog breed. You rock kiddo...you\'ve had a lot of ups & downs but you have done a PHENOMENAL job of taking care of these bullies. I love you & I am so glad that we met!!! XXOO" C.K. in NJ

  • "Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for allowing LAYLA the opportunity to let me foster for now and adopt very soon! She is a gem! So well behaved and very playful. She had a busy first day and she is bushed but I think we have both enjoyed our time so far! Thank you again and blessings to you for everything you do for these beautiful animals! Sincerely, Jacki "

  • "A month ago I lost my best friend Winston. He was one of the most handsome English Bulldogs you\'ll ever see. A brain tumor was the cause of him leaving us at 9 and a half years. Since his passing, I\'ve been visiting your website to get my "Bulldog fix". Reading the Bully Blogs is like my own version of a soap opera. What you folks are doing for this precious breed is amazing. The work you all put into each dog does lift my spirits during this tough time for myself. I wish I was in FL to volunteer my time. I\'m in Boston. Basically, what I want to say is THANK YOU for all that you folks do. Especially for Gonzo! I always check the blog for Gonzo updates. What an incredible transformation from when you picked him up to now. WOW! Again, Thank You, tOny"

  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH! I still cannot believe that somebody wanted to just discard her because of her eyes! She is such a blessing in my life and I hope that I am the same for her. She gives me NO PROBLEM what so ever when it is eye med time. She even lets me hold her eyes shut afterwards and she puts her head in my chest and I give her lots of hugs and kisses and tell her how wonderful she is. That is our bedtime ritual. MY son no longer to wash his face because Layla is always covering him in wet slobbery kisses. The cats are finally coming to terms with the fact that Layla is here for good. They have always been around dogs before but.....none that ever sounded or looked like her. She really is a treat that my son and I have been waiting a long time for and I am so grateful that we were able to meet your group of caring bullie people. Thanks again, Jacki"

  • "Hi there, I am so grateful that you rescued Champ! I am Daniela from Rome, Italy, I have 4 bulldogs, I bought the girl and adopted the 3 boys. I see in these pictures of Champ\'s first bath that you have a fantastic bath tub! You americans! Many thanks and best wishes with all the amazing work you do! Greetings from Rome, Daniela"

  • "Just wanted to let you guys know you Kick ASS!! I sent a donation today, please use it for Wilbur or whoever needs it the most. I think the world of you guys for doing what you do and wish I lived closer and could help. Keep up the GREAT work!! J.K."

  • "As an animal lover, I would just like to thank you. You rescue seems to go above and beyond. You are VERY appreciated for all of your hard work!"

  • "Thank you so much for being there and giving us advice. We\'ve been implementing a lot of the information and so far things are going good. He\'s such a wonderful energetic pup! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

  • "I just wanted to say "Thank you" for the adoption opportunity and all you do. Each day I find myself transfixed by the blogs, the facebook updates, etc. You have a heart of gold and what you do is categorically inspiring."

  • "You know, I would never have been this involved with rescue or helping EBBRR grow if it wasn\'t for you! Before I just fostered occasionally, now it is a huge part of my life...And that is a good thing:)"

  • "Thank you for all you do...for standing up for the bullies and for devoting your time, energy and life to making theirs better. We are all very much indebted to you for all you and your group does. Without you we would not have our loving pups in our homes and I don't even want to think about where they would all be and how their days would have gone, if they never found you. When you get frustrated and discouraged, please know that we are soo grateful for you and for the love you put into Adopt-A-Bull. Thank you!"

  • "This Thanksgiving I\'m thankful for you! I had no idea there was such a need for bull rescues. Who could give one up or abuse one? Well, your posts have shown me a whole new world. I rescued my 2nd bulldog and consider myself the luckiest person alive!! I only wish you guys were in Ca. Hope you have a great holiday. You deserve it. Also, thank you for enlightening me, which has made me an even better dog owner!"

  • "I am so impressed with your program. I was past-president of a 501(c)(3) (for 12 years) also, but for stray kitties. The best thing about the organization, Save Our Strays, Inc., was there were/are NO paid volunteers, unlike other places such as SPCA, etc. So I only donate to organizations (you and SOS) because 100% of the donations go directly to the animals. This is what impresses me with your organization."
  • "[We] Could not forget the bully babes at Christmas. Hope you have plenty of Santa's helpers out there sending goodies your way. Your job with Wigglet has just been amazing through the heartache and trials, watching her grow over the past 6 weeks has done my heart wonders. I am hoping that you actually get to keep her, I mean really after all that can you really let her go? You guys are awesome and know your family members in VA love ya. Take care, Rhonda, Rowdy and Shy"
  • "I just viewed the before and after pictures you sent of some of the bullies- incredible changes you and Adopt-A-Bull are able to make happen. I know I do a lot more than most- to help dogs in need, I love doing it and am pretty good at it. But you are amazing- have taught me things and been there to listen and offer help. I am humbled and honored to know you, to help facilitate what you do to help dogs. You are one of the few folks I know, who understands the joy & heartbreak of dog rescue and can keep going. I am not a church goer, but I believe GOD / DOG father must have sent me to find you. My prayer each night is short- God bless the bullies and all the people who help them. The more I see and learn about you and all your volunteers, how you network & communicate, the more it motivates me. My greatest satisfaction comes when I can multiply what others and I do, to help dogs in need. Thank you and your volunteers, for all you do!" Chris
  • " I just wanted to let you know that you are a very special person. You do so much for the unwanted bullies! I don\'t know how your schedule works, but I would really like to help out you guys and participate in the meetups! Unfortunately my job takes up alot of time! I work 12 hour shifts and some of them consist of most weekends! With my schedule I have to give a month in advance! so I am not always able to come to the meetups and help out with the bullies! I think it is awsome what you do and your dedication is endless. You guys are awsome! Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo Love Bob, Lynn and Mr Harley"
  • "What a wonderful story about the lady who decided not to breed. Of course, everyone loves puppies. I don\'t think God made anything cuter in the entire world than a puppy, including human babies! But it breaks my heart that so many wonderful dogs and cats with absolutely nothing wrong with them die in shelters. I know it was only one dog, but I\'m so glad we rescued Bruno. I\'m glad we could help out in this small way. I now feel bad for getting Lola from a breeder. At the time, we knew we wanted a bulldog, but knew there were none in a regular shelter available. We had no idea there were places like you and so many bullies in need of rescue! Now we do. And of course, we love Bruno just as much as if we had raised him from a little puppy. I bet he was an adorable one too! We appreciate what you do so much. You are very wonderful people to do so much for the animals that have no voice. And I believe God is a huge animal lover that knows what you do and loves you so much for it! I just know that heaven has to have sweet animals for us to love on or it just wouldn\'t be complete! I for sure want to start donating soon when our financial situation improves. You know I teach kindergarten, and for Christmas, our class brought in supplies for our local animal shelter instead of buying presents for each other. This was the first year I\'ve done this with our class, and it was amazing! The kids were so excited when they brought in their toys, food, bedding, etc. We put them all under our tree in our classroom. I will for sure do this every year from now on! Since we live so far away from you guys, it was impossible to ship all the stuff we got to you, so we chose the local shelter instead. I just wanted to let you know that since I\'ve found your website, you have really inspired me to try to do more for the poor animals that need help. Their stories just break my heart! I wish I could take them all in myself! ha! That would be a houseful, and I really don\'t think my husband would like that! I grew up in a house where we always had at least two dogs, almost all were strays or from the shelter, and my parents taught me how to be kind to and love animals. My mom even became a vegetarian because she couldn\'t stand to be eating her "friends"! She\'s gotten to where she won\'t even kill the bugs in the house, she\'ll just catch them and set them free outside. And my dad is forbidden to go hunting. :) Anyways, I know this is a super long e-mail, but I guess the newsletter just touched my heart. Just don\'t forget that you are so much appreciated. :)"
  • "I wish you the strength to carry on.. I know I wouldn\'t have an ounce of the strength you show. I just wanted to express the admiration I have for you and Adoptabull."
  • "We want to thank you again and your adoptabull family for blessing us with such a wonderful bulldog."
  • "I was just wondering if you could let me know when Winston is officially gone from your care and into his new forever home. I am very happy for him but at the same time sad because I know you were giving him the care he needed. Knowing what a wonderful girl you are with these bullies, you will not let Winston go to just anyone. Once again Erica, THANK YOU for helping me by taking Winston into your care at such a quick notice. I would have never been able to live with myself if I had to give him to anyone else not knowing if he was ok. My hopes are that Winston will live the rest of his life, crashing on the couch and going for his special car rides which he loves so much. He will always be my special boy and I will never forget him. Thank you again for giving him a second life :)"
  • "Hi Erica - this is Dianne S. I wanted to send you a quick note - and this may sound cheezy, but you have been an inspiration to me. I have followed you since you announced Adoptabull on (a bullie forum), and now on Facebook and have managed to donate a couple of times. You have opened my eyes to bullie rescue - I never knew that there was such a need. Here in Ontario, Canada, it was rare to see a bulldog up for adoption from a rescue - not too many bulldogs around. In the last 2 weeks I have been in contact with a local rescue organization that has received 5 bulldogs. 5 bulldogs is a lot for one rescue to receive in a year, let alone in 2 weeks. Because of your inspiration and the example that you have set, I decided to donate some items that this rescue desperately needed - beds, food, baby wipes etc. When I dropped off the items the rescue asked if I would be interested in fostering. I had to convince my husband of it, but he finally agreed. We received our first foster, Winston, yesterday. He\'s been neutered, had cherry eye and entropian surgery and is wearing an e-collar so he won\'t scratch out his stitches. His jaw is a bit deformed, but he is a wonderful dog with a great personality - I can\'t believe that he was given up (he was also used as a stud dog - poor Winston never should have been bred with the conditions he has, certainly wasn\'t bred for the betterment of the breed, just for $$). Even after a day this has been a fulfilling experience! It feels great that I\'m able to help and to contribute to the betterment of a gentle soul\'s life and help out the rescue by providing a home where Winston can recover. I imagine that sometimes rescue work can be overwhelming for you with the things you see that people have done. I wanted to pass along a little bit of cheer to let you know that you have affected someone\'s life (mine) even further than the boundaries of your rescue, by being an inspiration and opening my eyes to the need for rescue organizations like yours. Have a great day and you are doing a fantastic thing by rescuing bulldogs."
  • "I wanted to thank you the knowledge that we recieve from your posts of updated medical info helped me with saving a dog yesterday. Not a bulldog but a sheltie. But I knew from your posts here that indeed rescue will take even an ill dog and fix them up and place them in a forever home. Knowing such I was able to pursuade the owner to not put her dog down but turn it over to rescue. And for that I thank you."
  • "I have read several of the Bullie stories. I am so thankful for everyone who relentless and unselfishly helps these dogs. I do beleive there is a special place in heaven for each one of you. I live in PA. If you ever need help or anything at all please give me a call."
  • "I thought you should know that I think what you do to help these dogs is wonderful. There are some many dogs that need a loving home, I agree that it is extremely selfish to go to a breeder simply because you want a cute little puppy. We rescued our bulldog Beefy from an abusive home and I cant imagine how her life would be if we hadnt been there for her. Thank you for watching over all the other bullies that need lovin too!" L.C.
  • "Erica, YOU RULE! I wish I lived right near you, I would come and help every day! I live in British Columbia, Canada...way too far away. Please hug those babies tight. Thank GOD for you and your gang of rescuers...I would want to go kill the people that let this happen to these loving little creatures. Most Sincerely, Your friend and supporter as much as I can be, A.C."
  • "Happy Birthday AABR!!!! You are seriously the most amazing rescue org in the world!!! I value and respect everything you, Neely and your amazing volunteers do for these animals! You define "second chances" You have a heart of gold erica, God has created a beautiful child in you!!! I know you hear this all the time but thank you from the bottom of my heart!! To all the lives you save, to all the people you have educated and to all of the those beautiful dogs that no one believed in except you.....You are truely a god sent!!!!! God bless you and the bullies!!! You always have our support and if I didn\'t live in Canada please know I would do more!!! I volunteer for a couple of org\'s here already and I truely feel like I have found in purpose in life in doing so!!! I am coming to Orlando in December and I hope to finally meet you, maybe you\'ll have a fundraiser of some sort!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!"
  • "On a more serious note, it was with great hesitation that we submitted the adoption application to AABR. I waited a whole week after it was completed to actually fax it in. It has only been a few months since we so unexpectedly lost our precious Lola and dealing with her loss remains incredibly difficult and will continue to remain difficult over the coming months/years. We were unsure and very nervous about bringing in another dog so soon, but seeing AABR's updates day after day, bullie after bullie left us feeling a responsibility to do something. We remained very nervous through the adoption process and up until the BBQ when we picked up Roxie. I worried and questioned our decision everyday, fearful about whether or not we were doing the right thing or just trying to fill a huge void. I was unsure about the timing, worried about how different or similar a new dog would be to Lola, and would loving a new baby replace the love we have for Lola. Our house has been so quiet for months, the loss of Lola has been almost tangible at times and there remains a very physical pang in my heart each time I think of my baby girl. However, my questions and fears were resolved the night I met sweet little Roxie. The moment I saw her, I knew everything would work out just fine. Our house is happier now and feels almost whole again. The loss of Lola and the gain of Roxie has taught me to be more patient and cherish every moment with these sweet babies. Roxie is helping our hearts to slowly heal with her lovable sweet nature and teaching us that we have more than enough love to share equally among our sweet bullie babies both past and present. We thank AABR for making this process easy and allowing Roxie to enter our lives and be loved by us. She is a joy that myself and Craig will never take for granted. The work AABR does day in and day out is so very admirable. I am so grateful and honored that you have allowed us to share this experience with you." - A. B. in Sarasota

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