Bandit gets a brudder!

Posted March 28, 2010 9:38 pm

He is doing terrific. We are so in love with that boy!! He is such a sassy pants! He now has a little brother named Truman. They get along great, typical brothers. They lay around most of the day, and then they get wild. They play soo hard, they exhaust themselves. They wrestle and talk smack, take a break to catch their breath and then start again! They are so cute. We prowl the neighborhood and visit with all the neighbors. They all call him the "coolest dog in the world!" The neighborhood boys all ride their skateboards around. Ban loves to watch them in action. He just sits and watches, wanting to be one of them. We decided that we need to try to teach them how to skateboard. I'll have to keep you posted if he learns. His fur is so very soft and he is still looking fabulous. He is gorgeous. People comment on how beautiful he is, all the time. He is so gentle with the kids in the neighborhood, then gets hyper with the adults if they stop giving him attention. He tries to wait patiently but if they turn their attention away from him for more than about one minute, he either barks at them or jumps up. Not a great habit, but when the world revolves around you, well, what do you do! When it was so cold, we bought him a jacket and we called him Sherlock Holmes in his "smoking jacket." Thank you again for giving us our little boy. He was sooo meant to be in our life and we are so grateful and thankful for him (and for you!)! He is a joy! Just living life and having fun with the boys! Hope all the sweet babies in your care have "fur ever" homes soon. We sure are better off now that we have our sweeties! Thank you for all you do! Love, DeeDee, Bandit and the bunch

Bandit Update!

Posted December 21, 2009 4:54 pm

I thought you might enjoy the pictures that my niece took of Bandit meeting his new baby cousin. She just got him last week and Bandit was soooo very sweet with him. He could tell he was a baby and was very gentle. He got so excited and wanted to play but he was careful. It was so precious!!

I just have to tell you that Bannie is getting sooo funny... he thinks (and rightfully so) that everyone on this earth is here to love on him and pet on him. Most of my friends and neighbors give him plenty of attention each time they see him, but just a couple of times we have come across people who do not pet him as much as HE thinks they should. So if we are out and visiting with neighbors and friends, if someone ignores him more than he thinks they should, he now barks at them to get their attention. His world is off kilter if he is not the center of attention! I have to correct him but secretly I find it hilarious that he is talking smack to them for not petting him enough! I am trying to teach him better manners though. He is getting too big for his britches!! HAHAHAH!!!

We got the Christmas picture of baby Wigglet! Oh she is soooooo beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sending it to us!! It is hanging on our refrigerator and my daughter shows everyone who comes into our house! She is growing so quickly!! Ya'll have done such a terrific job with that little angel!! I know you are enjoying her and it must give your heart a lift after a long day of struggling. I am soo happy that she is thriving! Momma Wiggles looked terrific too and the picture of her sniffing her baby almost made me cry!! How sweet!!!

Merry Christmas to you and all of the sweet babies that you have rescued and given a new life!! Take good care!!! Have a wonderful holiday season and I know this will be another beautiful year for you and all of the lucky bulldogs in Adopt-A-Bull!!! Merry Christmas! - DeeDee, Bandit and the B bunch.

Bandit celebrates Halloween!

Posted November 5, 2009 9:14 pm

I just had to share some funny pictures and a story about Bandit. We had a Halloween party for the kids yesterday. Bandit insisted on being right in the middle of it all. He helped us set up and then wanted to stay for the fun too! It was soo hot so I would let him visit with the kids for a little while then make him go back inside with the adults to keep cool in the ac. The adults were commenting on how depressed he looked inside. They thought it was because I made him dress up in a costume. Well just take a look at the pictures from him outside and you will see that he loved his costume, he was depressed to be hanging out with the fudey- dudey's and wanted to be with the kids... where the real party was!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Another funny thing he has been doing since we got him, but it got even funnier lately... When we first got him and I would take his bed out of his crate to wash it, he would come attack me like a football player going to sack the quarter back. He would attach his legs around me and I'd have to pry him off to get his bed to the laundry room. He would follow me the whole way, then sit on his bed on the floor until it was time to put it in the wash. Well after a couple of times I realized that I needed to get a clean bed out first, pull his dirty one out, set it on the floor by his crate, put the new one in and then he was perfectly fine. My heart was aching because I thought maybe he thought it was time to move on to another home each time he saw me take his bed out of his crate, like I was going to break it down and pack him up. Well it has been going fine since I figured out to give him a new bed before I take the old one so he knows he is staying put!

Well the other day I washed him on the spur of the moment so I didn't really plan well. I had not thought about his bed and when I realized he was clean and his bed wasn't, I decided to wash it. Well it was the middle of the day, he has another bed in the living room so I figured it would be no big deal, just take the bed, wash it and be done. He was fine, didn't seem to notice, until...I was sitting at the computer in the study and Bandit and my husband were hanging out in the kitchen where his kennel is. My husband was cooking lunch and I heard Bandit barking. I thought he must be playing with his toys and talking smack to them so I didn't check in on them. Well then a little later I heard it again so I went to see what he was in to. I knew it would be cute! Well I got in to the kitchen and wouldn't you know, that boy was standing in his bare kennel facing out and just barking! He is normally very quiet so his barks are usually to tell us something (or to tell a toy something!) I immediately realized what he was saying... I ran to get his other bed from the living room, made him get out of his kennel, put it in and he proceeded to climb right in, plop right down and chew away on his bone, happy as a clam, not another peep out of him! He is hilarious and trust me, he has us trained!!!

P.S. in the Halloween pictures, I promise, really... he is not allowed on furniture. He just gets outside and thinks he can!! At first I was nervous when he climbed up on that chair, I got him down and he proceeded to climb right back in!!! Every time he came out to check on the party, he climbed right back in to HIS chair!! He just keeps us laughing and laughing! I just look at him and have to laugh! He must get tired of it because I look at him and then have to hug him and laugh!! He probably can't figure out what all the fuss is about! Our friends who came to party are not even really dog people (one is allergic, but even they think he is cool!) How could you not?! We love him!! Thank you soo much for giving him to us!! He makes our home sooo very happy!!!

Love, DeeDee

Bandit celebrates!

Posted October 29, 2009 3:21 pm

Bandit Update!

Posted September 24, 2009 11:21 am

Bandit continues to do great!

Posted August 24, 2009 9:08 pm
He cracks us up! Today he was all excited to go out and as soon as we got outside he plopped down on the ground to get some sun!! He was all spunky and hyper tonight to go outside so his Daddy took him, thinking he would get a good walk out of him, but he just wanted to "sprinkle and sniff!" He came back in all happy! He has started exploring the house more, getting comfortable, I suppose. He found my clip board for work the other night, in my bag and drug it out to inspect my plans and make sure he approved! He likes to stuff his toys under his bed, who he is hiding them from I don't know, but his moose is soo big that he can only get his head or his rear end under the bed and the rest sticks up, but he thinks no one can see!! He is doing very good with learning the "stay" command and is always a gentleman when we go out or in. He is just a little lovebug!! We are having so much fun with him! He sends his love! Thanks sooo much!!! He keeps us smiling!! He is such a wonderful addition to our family!

Bandit is sooooo hilarious!

Posted August 23, 2009 4:15 pm
Last night when we got home he was sooo full of energy! He jumped up twice and then got full of himself and jumped up on the sofa. I got him down and he immediately jumped up on the chair beside it, but Brenna had put her beanbag on it and he slid right back down! He was soo funny! Then when we were watching tv he went and got his bone and plopped down and chewed for almost an hour. He was soo into it! He got another new collar and he felt soo handsome! We went for a nice stroll around 10:30 pm when it was cooler and I promise, he did not miss a blade of grass! He smelled everything!! He is soo wonderful!! We just love having him! He is such a sweetheart!!

Bandit Update... doing great in his furever home!

Posted August 20, 2009 10:21 am

Just wanted to give you an update on our sweetheart! He is doing terrific! I put the baby gates up so he had the entire kitchen to stretch out in while I went to work. My neighbor came over three times to pet on him and let him out and each time she brought her children. They had several play dates planned so each time it was different children. He was perfect with each of them and they all fell in love with him! When I was walking him last night she saw us out and ran out to join us. He then met another dog in our neighborhood. They were friends right away! He is such a sweet little man! Everyone that meets him falls under his sweet little spell!! We are enjoying him so very much! Thank you! Have a wonderful day and hug on all the bullies for us. Hopefully soon each of them will be in their furever homes too!!

Bandit got adopted today! For real this time!!!

Posted August 16, 2009 4:34 pm

We took a few pictures after we got Bandit home with us today. He is just so sweet and happy and wonderful! We went for a walk to "sprinkle" all of his old favorite spots, visited with our neighbors, played with my neighbors Pug and their children. He played with each of his new toys and is now tuckered out and snoozing at our feet! We are so happy to fill our home with his love and happiness again! I hope you enjoy the pictures that we took of him checking out his bed and toys! And it was sooo terrific that he remembered us and remembered the house! We are so excited!! Thank you!!! Have a wonderful week, DeeDee and the B bunch!

Bandit is pending adoption with his previous foster home!!!!!

Posted August 13, 2009 10:23 am

In the meantime here are some pics of his last days in Adopt-A-Bull's program:

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