Moe is not happy...

Posted March 19, 2008 11:51 am
Yesterday, he went to the office with the hub. Well, the hub thought maybe he needed a little help with his teefies...
The chair was kinda cool - it went up and down, and reclined. But the mouth hardware??

Then, they took some panarax films to see if he needed any adjustments. Of course, Moe thought this was another fun ride...

Moe hung with some of the other patients out in the waiting room when he was done. Fortunately, he only has to wear the appliance at night!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not suggesting that anyone get braces for their bullies! I love teefies!

Moe was drinking.....and a little history lesson!

Posted March 18, 2008 10:09 am

I looked high and low for Moe this morning. Finally found him hanging out at the neighbor's house. He had just popped the lid...
Of course, after drinking a can that was bigger than he, he needed to go potty!

To clear his head a bit, I suggested a little drive.
We drove through Lackawanna State Park past the pinic area. Moe wanted to stop for another drink, but was overruled.

Here we are coming into the Wyoming Valley. Coal mining was big here till the Knox Mine Disaster when they accidentally broke into the Susquehanna River and flooded the mine. Many miners lost their lives that day.

A quick stop at the kennel (note who were in the Durango - they jumped in when I opened the door!)

(They were doing police dog training, but the guys didn't want me to take their pics... shy, I guess...)
This was taken on Route 115 - General Sullivan's Trail runs along 115 for a bit. He was sent by Washington to quell the Iroquois Indian uprisings in New York.

Of course, the Indians were pretty ticked about it all. They were chasing his butt around in the mountains. Legend has it, that he buried a few canon in the bogs of Thornhurst (where I live) so his troops could move faster.
Moe wanted to go look for the canon in this bog.

(That's a beaver dam!)

I don't know if I can take this...

Posted March 15, 2008 10:50 am

The day started off pretty early. After a quick pee and poop, we had breakfast, then Olivia took me out to meet some of the neighbors.
She gave me a bell - said it was a Thanksgiving Bell?? - and told me to ring it. WELL! These GIANT chickens on steroids came running up! And what's with the guy with the big butt??

So, despite the fact that it's a cold drizzly day, Olivia says exercise is important, and she takes us out for a really looooonnnggg walk! Although, there were some pretty neat things to sniff and pee on...

Then, she stops at a "Hupping Log"?? She has us sit on one side, then jump over and do a sit or down on the other? I didn't have to do that (yet) - I just had to watch... The chubby red and white guy seemed to like it. Plus, Olivia was giving out something that smelled good!

I got a taste for doing a good sit. Maybe this training won't be so bad after all?

WHOA! Don't want to meet the critter that tried to eat this tree!

When we (finally) got back to the house, a few more neighbors had stopped by.

Then, we had to sit to have our collars removed (except mine doesn't come off) - I had to sit anyway.

I'm pooped! And she says this was just the morning walkies??? WHEW!

I don't know if I can deal with this...

Posted March 14, 2008 11:08 am

I got something in the mail, and it was making a whirring noise?? I opened it, and there was something trying to get out!

I let it out, and it's MOE! In a HAT !! (crazy Alli...)

(BTW - that's one of Karen's cookie cutter bullies she made for me! )
Right away, he flies up the stairs and perches on the railing of the loft! Yikes!! Be careful, Moe!

With a gleeful shout, he leaps to the couch below (and almost tears his ACL)- I almost had a heart attack!

Then, he starts flitting around the place (how does he fly so fast??) and tries to hide...
Can you tell what doesn't belong?

This was a better hiding spot, but Kano sniffed him out for me!

I finally got him calmed down enough to get a group shot.

Mindful of the "accidents" he had at Alli's, I took him outside. Q was (sorta) a good sport and let me get a quick shot of him with his new friend.

Well, had to take off Moe's hat - it made him way too mobile. This boy is gonna need some training, me thinks... Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Moe's last night with us.

Posted March 14, 2008 9:24 am
He is on his way to his new i had to get him potty trained. Didn't want him to have any more accidents

Getting a good nights sleep before his trip

Packing all his essentials...he cant forget his red cellphone!!

All ready...still cold up here so he has to dress warm for his trip

Bye Moe...we had lots of fun!!!

The Cookie "Moe"ster

Posted March 10, 2008 2:50 pm

Since Moe got so much experience at Christies house being a honorary Brownie, he wanted to help us sort out our girl scout cookie orders...he did a great job

Except when I wasn't looking he started eating the goods...OH MOE!!!

Taking a snuggle with maggie....

and a STRETCH!!

Moe took a trip to my Micro lab...he wanted to learn something new..Checking out our tubes

And he wondered off to check out the frogs...EWE

He then snook into the anatomy lab...geez you have to keep an eye on him, he likes to wander

Moe says "See how big my brain is from all this learning "

Moe had to go to the hospital!

Posted March 7, 2008 11:51 am

Moe was fooling around and jumping on the bed. He fell off and bumped his head. So my husband took him to the hospital to get checked out. Here he is getting a lift to the unit

Getting some meds for his headache

Taking a rest until the nurse can see him

the nice nurse put a bandage on him

And she wasnt so nice after she gave him a shot

But something horrible happened!! CLEAR!!!

(dont worry we didnt draw on his face)
But he was OK...on his way home now

He just had to take a pitstop and leave the nurse a gift for giving him the shot (dont get grossed out..It's a brand new bedpan with melted baily's liquor filled chocolate)

Moe's first night in Jersey (yet again)

Posted March 6, 2008 10:22 am

As soon as i let him out of the envelope to sniff around, he had an accident. Must of been a long trip.

He checked out my daughter's fish

Then enjoyed a bone

he got bored and wanted to help me with dinner. As soon as i turned around, he was goofing's a chicken Moe!!

Then he met maggie

Uh soon as she sniffed him, she wanted to chew him (must of been the left over smell from all the fried chicken at Christie's house )

Then she snatched him...It's ok i got him right damage done

Time for a bath..

Maggie thinks he smells good

Now time to relax and do his nails

Moe's FINAL adventures at our house..

Posted March 5, 2008 2:39 pm

(he's already on his way to his next foster family) by Christie, Tillie & Camilla

Well, Moe has headed out to meet his next foster family, but we wanted to share the adventures Moe had in his last few days here....Moe told us one day that he wanted to go on a roller coaster, but since there aren't any around us, we sent him on a ride on the garment rack at Tillie & Camilla's dad's store instead..

After that ride, he was pretty hungry, and was THRILLED to discover a take-out place named just for him!

Then home for a little relaxation and a game of Boggle..

And a game of Scrabble, Moe style!

"I don't think that is an official word!!"

After some final goodbye's with the kids...

And some turkey leggin with Camilla....

Tillie dedided to take Moe on one last sleigh ride around the house.

Goodbye Moe!!! We'll miss ya!
(Well, guys, thanks! It's been so much fun, and I don't think I have seen my kids so excited about a 'project' in a long time. They were both SO sad to see Moe go! LOL! So I scanned him, and will be making t-shirts for them both with iron on Moes! LOL Hope everyone else in line has as much fun as we have been having! )

MOE's Tuesday Night Activities.... (PICS)

Posted March 4, 2008 10:39 am
After attending a school fundraiser with the twoleggers, Moe decided to stop by Tillie and Camilla's Nonna & Poppy's house for some games and grub....

Now, THIS looks like my kind of place!

Is Moe what you would call the ODDball? lol


Then he tried his paw at a little foozball...

and darts... "Don't throw those darts please!!!!"

Then, after working up a thirst, he ended up in the bar...

"Just a splash, please!"

Then Moe felt like a tour of the wine cellar...
While no grapes were being pressed this evening, Moe still enjoyed looking at wine 'in the making,'

and asked if he could take a 'finished' bottle of red to go...
While in the cellar, Moe couldn't help but notice all these jars filling the shelves...

Tomatoes! Since Moe was such a good boy, I took some jars home, and promised to make him a nice sauce and meatballs tonight.. that made him happy.
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