Burton has been transferred to foster care!

Posted June 29, 2009 6:11 pm

Burton has been with us for 2 weeks now, and what a character! Foster Daddy is a former Marine, and on Burton's very first night with us, he attended a Marine meet-up. Needless to say, Burton was the star of the show! I actually think he thought he was human for a little while. Sat up on the bar stool (yes, we know it's a no-no but couldn't help it) and was resting his head on the bar! I wish I would have had my camera with me! I did send a pic of him in foster Daddy's old Marine hat though!

Our daughter came to visit, and she and Burton thought it would be fun to play chase thorough the house. She was running, Burton was chasing. She ran into our bedroom and jumped onto the bed. Burton thought he would follow her, but didn't quite make it and slid off the bed into the laundry basket! He was stuck in there until we stopped laughing long enough to help him out!

Burton loves to play, walks very well on a leash, but seems to be afraid of the garbage dumpster. He will plant his feet and not budge when we get too close to the dumpster. NO problems walking anywhere else though! We have come across other people on our walks, and Burton does great! He doesn't seem to be bothered by other dogs too much, but we don't let him get too close just in case.

Burton is a happy boy who is pretty easy to maintain for a bullie! His wrinkles need cleaning, and because of his white fur, his skin can be a little sensitive. He doesn't have a tail pocket cuz he's got an awesome little cotton ball tail that doesn't stop wiggling! As far as we can tell, Burton would be great with just about anyone! We haven't had the opportunity to have him around small children, but older ones seem to be okay. As we get to know him more and he comes more and more out of his shell, we'll update you on this.

Such a sweet soul!

Posted June 17, 2009 9:40 am
Burton went to the vet yesterday for a checkup and he was an angel! Thank you to Mommie Rebecca for fostering him! At some point, it looks as though Burton had entropion surgery on his eyes. His lower lids are good, but his upper lids are a bit droopy. Our vet indicated that another surgery is not required at this point. Burton was a bit anemic when he came to us due to the fleas that were on him from living outside, but what an improvement Burton has shown! No more icky fleas, just soft, clean, pure white fur! Burton is currently on oral medication for his yeasty skin, but has shown much improvement just in the couple of short weeks we have had him. Burton is all white, and "whities" tend to have more sensitive skin than the others. (Anyone with a white bullie can attest to this)

Burton Update!

Posted June 13, 2009 6:08 pm
Burton is doing great in foster care! He's enjoying lots of love & attention! He's going to need a foster home transfer sometime this week due his his mommie going off to college so if you can open your home and are local, please fill out an application!

Burton attends Adopt-A-Bull's Petco event...

Posted June 8, 2009 10:31 am

... and has an absolute blast! He's looking so much better already!!! Thank you to foster mommie Rebecca for bringing him!


What a face on this one!

Posted June 4, 2009 2:56 pm

Burton came to our rescue just in time! His owner was on his way to the pound to drop him off when a friend told him about Adopt-A-Bull Rescue. Less than 2 hours from the initial phone call, Burton was in Adopt-A-Bull custody. Pulling up in a black truck with midnight black tint, the driver's side door opened and there was Burton.... bright white and shining! And oh, OH OH OH! What a mug on this one! A cutie for sure..... but what a mess. You see, Burton had been living outside. His owner, a young man, had lost his job and was unable to provide for him. When Burton got fed, it was a mix of whatever was available. Very skinny with some black spotted objects laced in his coat... yep, we call them fleas, it was immediately apparent that Burton had some issues with his eyes as well. Burton is safe now in our care, getting tons of love, food and vet treatment. Stay tuned for more updates, this boy will fatten up in no time!

P.S. Burton has a special message for his readers: "If anybullie wood wike to be my sponser, me -n- my new bullie wesque fwiends could use some MALASEB TOWELETTS & MALASEB PLEDGETS tew help tweat our yeastyness, our wescue mommies are running weally low on all da supplies faw us. Oh, and I'z can't fawget, we alwayz welcome donations, ebery dollar helps! Juz use da PayPal button on da top of dis site! Thank Yew!!!"

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