RIP Winston, know that you are loved and missed...

Posted July 1, 2008 3:45 pm

You were a gentle soul that deserved the best in life. Although we only had a few short months with you, we hope you were comfortable and happy in our care. Your silly old-man bark, your sometimes stubborn 'tude, and your funky bursts of playfulness always made us laugh. We will miss you Winny-Boy... may you now rest in peace snoozing in the clouds.

Winston was doing so well in his foster home and continued to show improvement with his skin infection and seizures. His eyes were being maintained with meds and he was happy as can be with his doggie-door set up. However, in the past week he was acting more and more agitated and then suddenly started to vomit and diarrhea blood. He was rushed to the vet only to discover a possible mass/tumor or severely enlarged spleen palpated in his stomach area. There was no surgical solution for him because of his over all compromised health issues. It was in the vet's medical opinion that it was best for him to be laid to rest. This is the hardest thing we have to do in rescue, and never gets any easier. Good-bye Winston.

Hey, check out my chest hair!

Posted June 10, 2008 11:44 am

Winston continues to do well in foster care and his skin infection is getting much better. His skin is pink now instead of red and patches of baby soft skin are coming through all all the rough scaly skin. He even has more white wispy hairs growing back in! Winston is still looking for a forever home and needs someone that can provide him with a similar set up that he has now. He's really found his groove with having a doggie door and free roam of a dog safe air conditioned room. Through trial and error we have figured out that this is what works best for him and keeps him a happy boy.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies.... wooks I'z got chest hair again!"

Winston's neck before:

Winston gives us a tour of his pad....

Posted May 28, 2008 2:57 pm

Adopt-A-Bull took a little road trip to visit our boy Winston in his foster home. Winston was more than happy to show us around and introduce us to his new friends......and girlfriend!

"Hewwo eweybody, welcome! Dis iz my foster broder Roscoe! He's in da Adopt-A-Bull Wescue pwogram tew! He's a woung whipper-snapper, much wonger den me -n- he has wots of energie."

"I'z likes tew pend most of my dayz napping -n- I'z has a few favorite pots......spots! On da dog bed, on da rug, on da oder dog bed (yes, I has two, cause I's pecial like dat!), behind da recliner, on da tile.... okee, preddy much every wheres!"

"I has full axxess to my padio and lush backyard. Iz be told that dats VIP axxess only!"

"Were yew just watching me pee pees out dare!?!"

"Dats my flat screen TV behinds me, and dis is my GQ pose!"

"...and dis is Minnie. The oder humans in da house call her Minnie Mouse but I'z pretty sure she's a bulldog like me's! Dis cute gurl iz my age -n- just my speed tew! We share da same intwests.... stwolling 'round da yard -n- wapping.... I'z mean napping. She's a widdle camwa shy -n- wouldn't take a pikture wif me... I'z tink she's embawassed of my high pwofile life. Isn't she beautiful?"

Dat's all fore nows! Katch ya laters!

Good news/bad news...

Posted May 23, 2008 10:04 am
The good news is that everyone is getting along great, no fighting or barking at each other. Currently, he's in a florida room where he can go out the dog door as much as needed which has made him not as much of a heavy drinker! He is doing great although whenever locked in cage he has a huge accident and seemed to sometimes forget to go outside so he pees on the side of his cage :( That happened again last night. It seems all he needed was a room and dog door and he quickly got into a routine, except for a few large slipups of course. The bad news is Winston had a seizure yesterday, his first seizure while being with us at Adopt-A-Bull. After the seizure, he crawled under my end table in the corner and had problems getting up. We had to help him out and clean the foam that was everywhere :( Otherwise, he seems to have perked up a little. Winston just needs someone with alot of time and love. (Oh...and patience!)

Green Boogies you ask????

Posted May 18, 2008 8:03 pm

Here's what they look like to those that are wondering:

Eye Specialist Results & Playful Pics!

Posted May 15, 2008 9:25 am

Winston has suffered from dry eye for years, but his current drops aren't helping enough. Even an hour after getting his drops he has thick, green, goop covering his eyes again. So last week Winston visited the eye specialist for an evaluation. A tear test revealed that he has zero tear production in his left eye and very minimal production in his right eye. The good news is he doesn't have any active infections in either eye and his past graft surgery is holding up perfectly. We also found out that his graft surgery was done to save his eye from a perforated cornea caused by a severe ulcer. The vet has put Winston on a stronger tear stimulant three times a day and artificial tears as much as needed. He goes back in four weeks to recheck his tear levels again. So far the new meds seem to be helping, and that means less green boogies to clean! As far as Winston's blood work goes, his liver is not that great. Due to the long term administration of medication, his liver is feeling the effects. Complete blood screening revealed low liver protein and low T4. Besides this, Winston acts and behaves like a normal stubborn bullie boy.

Here's Winston trying to play with his friend Booger:

Kissey Kissey!

Catch me if you can!

Here comes Mushy...."Don't mess wif my broder!"

Booger! Weaf that bone awone and pway wif me!!! Kissey Kissey!

Winston's Bloodwork...

Posted May 5, 2008 3:43 pm

We got the results of Winston's bloodwork and it's all over the place. Highs in some areas, lows in the other.... we have a consult this week with the vet for a thorough explanation/interpretation of the results. Tomorrow, Winston goes to see the eye specialist.

Winston Update

Posted April 30, 2008 8:29 pm

Winston is doing well in rescue although this boy is very needy! His neck yeast/fungus reappears daily despite cleanings and medication. Tomorrow, Winston is going back to the vet for another evaluation of his skin condition. Winston is also due for his 6 month blood panel and drug dosing check so tomorrow he will be having complete bloodwork done. Winston's eyes are another part of his body that require daily attention. He's currently on cyclosporin for his eyes which require several cleanings each day. A few years ago, Winston had eye surgery where they took a skin graft from his leg and implanted it onto his eye. Adopt-A-Bull has obtained Winston's vet records including the eye specialist diagnosis and surgical procedure info and we hope to learn more about Winston's eye condition when we visit the specialist next week for a follow-up appointment. Despite Winston's medical issues, he has a great attitude! He continues to adjust to life inside an air conditioned house opposed to outside in a yard. Winston will sometimes whine and bark to go outside because he's still adjusting and not quite used to inside life. When we can't tolerate anymore of his protesting, we allow him to go out in the Florida room where a big fan ensures he won't overheat. Good thing about Winston is that he is very laid back and not active at all. He does well with other dogs and ignores cats. His vision is definitely not 100%, but he gets around well. Our rescue newsletter for the month of May, mailing out the end of this week to all Adopt-A-Bull members, will feature a full page story about Winston. If you are not a member, but would like to join our roster, please fill out a membership application!

Winston's neck :(

Posted April 29, 2008 8:09 pm

Winston is doing great in our care. He's a big bullie dude with an attitute! It's so cute to see him trot around the backyard looking for a dirt pile to roll in. No more dirt big boy, you must try to learn clean habits! Poor baby has a "rotten" neck, as my husband would say. :( Winston's neck similiar to Bonkee's except it's 100 times worse. Here's how his neck looked after we gave him a bath.

Winston wins the prize for dirtiest bullie!

Posted April 27, 2008 9:16 pm

Yesterday, Adopt-A-Bull had a rescue bullie wash and I'm proud to announce that I won the prize for dirtiest bullie! That's right folks, my dirty self was the dirtiest of them all and I'm a proud boy! I was so dirty that I needed two shampoo-ings and I loved all the attention! After my bath, mommy made sure to cut my nails really nice so I can look nice for all the females in the house.... bol :) (BOL = bark out loud) I had a lot of fun and got tons of attention from some awesome volunteers.... thanks to everybullie for the great scrubdown, needless to say, I definately needed it!

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