RIP Sweet Oscar...

Posted July 3, 2008 9:26 pm
Today was, yet again, another rough day for all of us including Oscar. Last night, Oscar's condition was starting to deteriorate and it was obvious. He started crying out in pain, was having frequent potty accidents, and overall his diminished countenance took a turn for the negative. Oscar was mopey and not his usual self; we knew it was coming down to decision time. Well, today we admitted Oscar to another 24 hour care facility on an emergency basis. We consulted with 2 new vets as well and a new neurologist who confirmed everything we already knew, but added a bit more. If surgery was even an option in Oscar's case, the chances of him living a pain-free life with improved mobility and function was very slim, very very slim. Again, we were told that euthanasia was seen as a humane option. While we could invest $2500 in an MRI procedure with further testing, and another $3000 for the actual surgery, there were no guarantees of anything. Oscar has congenital spinal compression, combined with a herniated disk, and possible hip problems. If surgery on the disk was able to be successfully performed, we would be left with the congenital malformation issue to deal with and this is the bigger issue. I could go on and tell of all the little details, scan in and share with you all the radiology report and neurologists findings, but it won't change anything. Ultimately, it was Oscar's overall health conditions/congenital mal-formations, and the tremendous amount of pain that he was in that forced us to make the decision we somehow knew we would have to in the end. We took Oscar back to our primary vet where we held him as he passed right there on the exam room floor. Not even lifting his head off the floor, Oscar just laid there, in the same exact position he settled into 20 minutes earlier when we first entered the exam room. Oscar is no longer in pain, we are not longer worried about his future - we know he is safe now. We did all we could to try to fix you, Oscar baby. In the end your issues were just too advanced and we didn't want you to suffer anymore than you already had. We are confident in our decision and we know you understand. We love you, we will never forget you.

We spoke too soon...

Posted July 3, 2008 10:24 am
Oscar started crying out again last night and we were about to take him to the ER at 3:30am, but held off after speaking over the phone with them. We have increased Oscar's pain meds slightly, per ER vets recommendation. At this point we are attempting to get him in for a MRI at another facility because time is of the essence. We do not believe holding out until next week when our original neurologist returns is best if we can find another to do something for us over the Holiday weekend. However, we are not holding our breath. Oscar is still eating and drinking on his own but within the past 24 hours his legs have become more wobbly and it's obvious he's not as strong as he was yesterday. He's dragging his legs again, slipping on the floor, and really requires a sling to walk properly. We've been on the phone all day with different vets/specialists trying to get referrals, trying to decide what to do. Our biggest concern right now is just keeping little Oscar comfy and pain free until we decide what to do next. We really would like to get a MRI done before we come to a final conclusion about his future.

Ocsar continues to do well!

Posted July 2, 2008 6:17 pm

He's maneuvering around the house like a happy little bullie boy and is still walking on his own! He's still on all the meds and hasn't cried out since he's been home. His favorite thing to do now when it's time to go outside and potty is take a nice little rest on the wet grass.

Mommie can yews bring my bed ouf here?

I'z 'till doin' goods! Berry goods!

Posted June 30, 2008 9:28 pm

I cames home to a Perla bed prezzie fwom Auntie Anna in NY! Mommie even bought me a new fluffy bed tew go into da Perla bed! I'z on medication every 4 hours, still I am not painful, I not krying. I'z sliding around all overs da house, and I lub tew walk now awl by myself. Mommie tinks I am over doing it so I don't pend much time out of my room in da kichen. I sleep baby gated in the kitchen at night wif my special bed, and mommie has tew take me out every 4 hours so I'z don't hab a potty akcident in da house. Wif all da medikation dat my docters put me on, I haf to go potty a lot more den usual. Mommie tells me dat I am a 'pecial boy, she's doin' everyting pawsible to keep my comfy until my next check-up. Here's me in my new bed!

Oscar is home! Whoo Hooo!

Posted June 29, 2008 4:05 pm

Oscar is home with us and he's doing great! It has been one very busy and event filled weekend! We are so happy to have him home with us and we are afraid to leave him alone, even for one hour so he comes with us wherever we go if no one is home to watch over him. When Oscar was discharged from the ER vet yesterday, he walked straight out to us in the lobby with a smile on his face, needing almost no assistance at all from the nurse. He looked so happy and so full of life, just seeing him after all this time, looking so good immediately brought tears to our eyes. Oscar is walking on his own, going potty voluntarily, and best of all, he seems to be pain free! Since we picked him up early yesterday afternoon, he has not cried out in pain once. He's on 5 different medications that seem to be working wonders. When Oscar came back home, he met some new rescue friends. Apparently he feels so much better; he even tried humping one of his friends! He's like a completely different dog; a dog on his way to a road of recovery. We pray for Oscar's continued improvement, not getting our hopes too high, but taking things one day at a time.

That bag in her hand is full of Oscar's medications and our new bullie sling to pick up his back end safely if he needs assistance.

"I'z sooooo happy yews are here for me!"

"Mommie can we pweeze goes home now?"

Happy to be heading home!

He even walks like a normal bullie now... legs apart and in full stride, no criss-crossed wobble walk anymore!

Oscar giving Punky some kissy-kissy!

(Punky is one of our newest rescues. She has congenital birth defects from poor breeding attempts to produce a "miniature" bulldog. She is full grown, weighs only 21 lbs, and is the size of a four month old puppy. She has skeletal malformations that make her walk funny and her left front leg is basicly nonfunctional. Reguardless of her condition, she is super sweet, full of life, and bounces around as happy as can be!)

Oscar was very interested in Miss Spunky Punky! :)

Oscar is coming back home to us!

Posted June 27, 2008 10:14 am
The ER vet called this morning and Oscar has responded well to the 2nd injection! They say that he is no longer crying out in pain and is starting to walk on his own again! They are preparing him for discharge and we should be picking him up tomorrow. He is coming home with more meds than we dropped him off with, and the plan is for him to see the neurologist when she returns after July 7th. We are all anxious, but nervous to bring Oscar back home. He will require round the clock care and special attention for sure, but our biggest fear is that he will start screaming out again in pain. He will be on oral steroids, a slightly lower dose than the injectable kind they've been administering at the hospital, along with 3 other medications. We are somewhat comforted by the fact that if at any point he regresses, we have an open invitation to admit him back into the ER. We pray Oscar continues to improve and that we'll be able to provide him with all he needs to make it through this difficult time in his life. Hang on baby, your mommies are coming to get you tomorrow!

A sparkle of hope...

Posted June 26, 2008 10:31 pm
The ER vet called this afternoon to inform us that she believes Ocsar is responding well to the injection! Although he did cry out in pain on a few occasions last night, this morning she said he was doing much better and even walking with assistance from a sling. They are going to give him another injection of the same thing today and see how he does tomorrow. Unfortunately, the neurologist that examined Oscar yesterday went out of town and won't return until July 7th, so in the meantime, they would like to see him come home with us while being on oral steroids. We are terrified that once we bring him home he will relapse. We will take this one day at a time and see what happens tomorrow. Good night Ocsar - we are thinking of you.

Ocsar saw the neurologist today...

Posted June 25, 2008 3:36 pm

... and we were hoping for good news, but didn't get it. Basically, it boils down to this: Oscar's spinal deformity is from birth, it is possible that sometime in his life he suffered trauma to his back/spine causing this congenital malformation to worsen. The neurologist used the words hemi-vertebrae to describe how the vertebrae was not formed correctly from birth and during normal growth thru life stages, Oscar's condition only worsened causing the compression on the spine he now deals with. The neurologist believes that if Oscar's spine only exhibits one localized area of compression, surgical intervention may be possible with a good prognosis. However, if a large part or the majority of his spinal column is compressed, there is no chance of surgery or successful recovery/rehabilitation. Today they are injecting Oscar with a heavy dose of steroids. The next 24-36 hours are critical for Oscar. If he responds to the injections the neurologist says she would like to proceed with an MRI. If Oscar doesn't respond, there is no point in doing an MRI and we will be forced with the decision to do what's right to end his pain. Currently, Oscar's pain is being controlled by heavy medication. During our visitation time with him today, he basically stayed in the same position the whole time on the floor where he was placed. Only when the doc came back out to carry him to the back did he cry out in pain as his body was shifted while he was being picked up. The ER staff will be checking in with us periodically updating us as to Oscar's condition. This is our last hope, as the neurologist stated: the way Oscar's body responds to the injection during these next critical hours will direct us in how we are to proceed for his future. Hang in there Oscar, stay strong. Everyone is pulling for you - you have the support of many, all over the world.

Emergency Call from the Hospital :(

Posted June 24, 2008 4:19 pm

We just received a call from the 24 hour animal hospital that is caring for Oscar. Again, he is crying out in pain despite the multiple doses of oral pain killers. They advised they can give him IV meds to make him comfortable for now. Oscar has an appointment with the Neurology specialist tomorrow. We know that our decision is a critical one, but we have decided to keep him medicated until tomorrow and go ahead with the specialist evaluation. We need confirmation that we are doing the right thing before moving forward. We feel he deserves a fair chance to be evaluated and see if there is any hope for his future. In our hearts we want what's best for him, and that will prove to be our most difficult decision yet. Hold on little Oscar, tomorrow we'll have more answers for you, possibly a solution... we love you!

Still in the hospital, but in stable condition.

Posted June 23, 2008 9:50 pm

We went to visit Oscar in the hospital today, but unfortunately (because of all the other doggie drama going on) we arrived a bit late and missed visiting hours :( Oscar is doing okay, nothing has changed sinced yesterday. He's still eating/drinking on his own, but has a bad case of watery #2 coming out his rear side and he's on yet another medication for that. We feel comfortable knowing that Oscar is where someone can keep an eye on him 24/7, but at the same time we are sad because he can't be with us. Wednesday afternoon Oscar has an appointment with a neurologist and we are hoping for a good report.....or at least, an honest, professional, qualified diagnosis that will allow us to make our next decision.

Stay strong Oscar baby - we are all pulling for you! (These pics were taken on the 17th, the day we got Oscar)

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