2 Bulldogs picked up for the 2nd time on animal cruelty charges...

Posted September 15, 2009 10:23 am

(The white bulldog is now in Adopt-A-Bull Rescue custody as of yesterday afternoon, we named him Stimpy.)

This duo was picked up by the county on a 2nd offense cruelty charge against their owner. The pair was previously picked up about a month ago on same exact charge and then released back to owners after several citations and fines. Both bullies were living outside in one small cage, crammed in there together. According to the county, the cage was really not even big enough to appropriately contain one bullie, let alone both. They were being contained in the one cage outside in direct sunlight without any food/water! When the county went back out to check on the bullies after the first incident, they saw the same conditions with no improvement and took them into custody yet again. The brown bullie's chip was traced and he was claimed by a previous owner - the owner had given his bullie to someone after listing him on an online classified ad and was complelety horrified to discover what had happened to his bulldog after his failed rehoming/sale attempt. The while bulldog was turned over to Adopt-A-Bull yesterday.

It's still early in the evaluation process for this little guy and more info will be forthcoming, but we know for a fact that so far he needs to be neutered, have cherry eye surgery, his complete vaccinations, heartworm test, de-wormed and preliminary bloodwork run. Estimated cost for treatment: $550, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. Take a stand against animal cruelty, spread this link and help Stimpy today!

Frodo's Rescue Story & Update.

Posted September 11, 2009 6:00 pm

Adopt-A-Bull saw me being sold on the internet for $100 so they contacted my owners and tried to talk them into surrendering. Gosh, it's about time! I couldn't wait until I was no longer with those people! I've lived with them since I was a little pup and it was about time I had a better life. I heard them giving the rescue the run around on the phone; they kept telling different stories and most were not true. Ultimately, it boiled down to be being out of the property by 12:30pm the same day my ad was posted online. You see, my owners moved down here from NY and didn't make sure dogs were allowed in the apartment they were renting.... The landlord told my owners they had 1 week to get rid of me. On the last day possible, my owners were scrambling for options so they listed me online for sale for $100, first come first serve. They were willing to let the rescue have me, but demanded the $100, no exceptions. My owners would not surrender me willingly so the law office where Mommie Erica works put up the $100 bounty for me. Mommie Erica saw me in the photo online and not only did I look pitiful, but so did my so called "dad". Here's a picture that my owners put on my online ad:

So, this nice lady named Mommie Erica, left her paying job immediately and traveled to the next county North to meet me and my owners in a Mc Donald's parking lot. Mommie Erica came prepared with the surrender documents, $100 cash and a self addressed stamped envelope with $3 postage paid so my owners could mail her my medical records. My owners told the rescue that, they had closed out my file with the vet I was seeing and the vet was mailing the records down from NY to FL so my owners would be able to transfer my file to whatever new vet I'd be seeing down her in FL. The records were apparently in transit so my owners promised as soon as they got the records they would in turn send them to the rescue. I arrived in the parking lot 20 minutes late and when I came out of the car, Mommie Erica had to hold back all the emotions she felt. I was a friggin' mess! $100 - she thought she should be the one being paid $100 to take me instead of actually having to pay for me! I had crusty lesions all over my body and couldn't see a thing because my eyes were filled with layers of goopy eye boogers and crusty infection. My ears were swollen shut with nastiness, my nails so long they interfered with the way I walked, and it looked like I'd been starved living out in a backyard somewhere! (Little did we know how true this really was.)

The only thing Mommie Erica inquired about was why I was so skinny... to which my owner snapped back with "I thought rescuing bulldogs is what you do? You should know they are supposed to look like this, they can't have too much weight because of their hips." My owners actually though there was nothing wrong with my weight! Shouldn't they know better if they outwardly admitted to having [backyard] breeders in their immediate family breeding us? You'd think they'd know that bulldogs are NOT supposed to look like me! Oh, it's such a shame! It took everything my rescue mommie had to hold back speaking what she was thinking and feeling. I could tell by the way she was clenching her fists behind her back and the fake smile she had on her face that all she wanted to do was scoop me up and be on her way with me. I was handed over without even a leash or collar; my owners never ever have used one on me. They said I walk okay without one, but no sooner than the words left their mouth I started to wander out towards the traffic passing by and mommie Erica had to follow after me and physically re-direct my path to keep me out of harm's way. She told my owner to hold be tight and went to get the leash/collar she always keep in her car for emergencies. I was handed over with only a new tube of ear meds dated all the way back to 6-26-09 that was prescribed to me but never even used or opened for my painful, infected ears. Oh I wish they gave me my meds and got me the eye drops that I could have benefited tremendously from. How come my owners never cared enough about me like total strangers have? It was apparent to the rescue that something was terribly wrong with my owners so Mommie Erica politely hurried things up and the next thing I knew I was at a vets office.... but not before pulling over 1/2 way there cause I decided to go #2 in Mommie's 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse! Sorry ma!

To make a long story short.... I was at the vet for 8 full days before Mommie Erica took me back to her house. That was about 2 hours ago and I love it here! My blood work is okay, my 4dx/heartworm test came back negative (Thank God because I've never been given a heartworm preventative in my life), my skin scrape is negative, although I do have a severe staph infection all over my body. My fungal test is still pending, I have sleep apnea, two different types of crystals in my urine for which I'm on special food for and I still have two circular objects still hanging off the rear of my body and mommie says she can't wait until they are gone! I'm not stable enough to undergo surgery yet because the rescue is still trying to figure out what's wrong with me and why I breathe so funny and sound so congested. My chest x-rays from yesterday came back questionable and it was though I may have a tumor or fluid around my heart so I was transferred to a different vet clinic this morning for an ultrasound. Thankfully the ultrasound did not reveal anything too concerning that would warrant a trip to a cardiologist so Mommie Erica took me home and is just going to monitor me carefully. It could be my elongated soft palate that is causing all this trouble with my breathing, but for now the plan is to keep my tummy full and happy so I can have a brand new start to my brand new life! In a couple weeks, as long as everything goes well, I'll go back to the vet for a soft palate surgery consultation.

Mommie got upset yesterday because she called my original owners out of courtesy to let them know all that was going on with me and requested more info about my real age or even my birth records because there was a discrepancy in my age. Vet records say I was born 1-1-05, but my owners said I was born 3-5-06 and they knew that for a fact because my old mommie's mother was my breeder (and apparently works at an animal hospital currently.) My old owner became very defensive and rude when it was communicated to her what horrible shape I was in. Not only did she not believe I had spent so many days and nights at the hospital, but she told my rescue mommie "I doubt he's even seen a vet yet. How can he be so sick when he was just at the vet in June. Don't you think my vet would tell me if my dog was so sick or underweight?" My rescue mommie encouraged my old owners to go on www.adoptabullrescue.com and check out my pics and they replied, "I don't have time to go on your site, I have a baby to take care of." That's when mommie Erica got firm and said she could care less if I was 3 or 13 years old, but for the sake of accuracy and presenting accurate information to any potential adopters that may be interested in me when I am all better, it would be nice to have correct information. It was obvious that my owners did care about anything other than disposing of me and getting $100. It was a full week after I was surrendered and my old owners didn't even call to check on me. It was the rescue that called just to let them know I was getting better with medical treatment, love care and some good meals. But hey!, what does that matter when they thought nothing was wrong with me to begin with. They hung up on my rescue mommie after calling her a name that rhymes with WITCH when she began to give them the riot act and go off on them about what poor condition I was in. All the other rescue bullies say it's been a while since they have seen Mommie Erica this mad, but I'm sure glad I have someone to stick up for me and my friends! How could you not see something wrong with me when I look like this?

Tater, Harley, Brownie, Bonnie, Frodo Updates!

Posted September 10, 2009 10:59 pm

Harley Rose (left) and her daughter Tater (right) were recently split up into separate foster homes for their own benefit. Both girls are doing great in their homes and are settling in nicely...

And here's a new pic of Miss Brownie in her foster home. Brownie is a petite bullie girl around 40 pounds looking for a furever home!

Bonnie is doing great here visiting Mommie Erica's house, she's such a gorgeous bullie girl. Her pics do not do her justice at all! She's an absolute love and my new little shadow! She falls asleep resting her head on my feet where ever I go and is not content unless part of her body is touching mine. She's so cute we just wanna squeeze her so hard! lol :)

Frodo is still at the vet, he's been there for a week today. Hopefully, we'll get him back soon with a diagnosis. Poor baby :(

Bonnie, Bruno, Frodo Update.

Posted September 9, 2009 6:26 pm

The day started when Mommie Neely dropped Bonnie at the vet for her spay. They called shortly after drop off to say due to a scheduling error she wouldn't be able to have surgery today :( Her spay has been rescheduled to next Wednesday. Mommie Erica picked Bonnie up and she spent the day at the office :)

So... while Mommie Neely took Bonnie to the vet, Mommie Erica was taking Bruno to the orthopedic surgeon.

At the end of the day, we got a diagnosis on Bruno that wasn't too good. Bruno's right hip is dislocated. According to our fantastic specialist, Dr. Robin, his hip has been like this for a long period of time. While the x-ray looks absolutely horrible, Bruno is NOT in any pain or discomfort because of his hip. Surgery is not needed on his hip, and it can't just be popped back into place - too late for that. Bruno is walking funny because his left knee is bad and ACL is partially torn. If anything on Bruno could use some fixing it's his left knee/ACL because it is uncomfy for him and may only get worse without surgical intervention. Sooooo, the estimated cost of surgery is between $1800-$2000. We hope to get Bruno this surgery ASAP.

Frodo is still at the vet and will remain there for further testing. They think he may have COPD. COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. "Progressive" means the disease gets worse over time. COPD can cause coughing that produces large amounts of mucus wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms.

Yey! A four day work week!

Posted September 8, 2009 6:57 pm

Frodo is still at the vet, he's been there since Thursday. We're not sure what's wrong with him just yet. He's very quiet and depressed looking. His breathing is very raspy and congested. Thankfully, his 4dx came back negative, his blood work is not so great, but we're still trying to get a decent x-ray to determine what our next step should be. Please keep Frodo in your thoughts.

Tomorrow Bonnie has an appointment with the vet to be spayed. She is our little angel girl and Champ's foster sister. Please keep Bonnie in your prayers as well. (Champ loves to use her as a pillow!)

Also tomorrow, Bruno goes to the orthopedic surgeon for a consultation of his horrible hips :(

Labor Day Weekend!

Posted September 7, 2009 8:26 pm
Mommie Erica went out of town for the weekend so Mommie Neely is holding down the bullie wranch and sleeping over for a few days!!! Here are pics of the weekend!

This sweet girl never did make it to our rescue...

Posted September 5, 2009 9:53 am

.... in fact, she never made it out of the shelter. While we are not sure of her entire story, she did wind up at a county animal shelter about 2 days ago. We worked with this shelter many times before and have a rather positive relationship with them. When we asked for the opportunity to rescue her, the supervisor of kennel operations replied with the following:

"[She] is probably not a good candidate as it is a "genetic mess". Our veterinarian has examined her and the poor thing has deformity of rib cage which is causing her difficulty of getting full lung expansion, deformity of front legs, also mouth and jaw problems. These conditions are likely birth defects involving the entire muscular skeletal system. She is extremely emaciated and is not eating well.
I've got to tell you that it is painful watching her trying to survive. I really don't want to prolong her suffering and am very angry at the person that could let a dog suffer like this. Thanks again and I'm sure we'll be in touch soon when more bullies come in."

I personally called and spoke with the supervisor after receipt of this email. If this bullie girl had even a slight chance of being helped, I told her it would be with us. And while she did agree, their vet said many of her issues were not really correctable, even with surgery. I immediately thought of our previous rescue, Oscar, and was reminded of all we went thru with him, how he suffered and in the end passed away. Then images of Punky came to my mind. After whining and begging the shelter to let me come get her, in the end if she really was suffering and struggling to breathe, it was best that she be humanely euthanised. Rest in Peace Sweet Angel..... we never met, but we will never forget.

Our new ALL IN 1, comprehensive DOGGIE DRAMA blog!!!!!

Posted September 4, 2009 10:19 am

It's can be hard keeping up with all the individual blogs and the daily "doggie drama" of Adopt-A-Bull Rescue so we've created this new blog as our main blog. We greatly appreciate all our followers and supporters so for this reason, we think this blog with be most beneficial in helping you keep up with the daily doggie drama of Adopt-A-Bull. Most of these entries will either be composed by "ME", Erica, President & Founder or our new VP, Neely. Of course, at this time, it's only proper to give a special shout out to Heron Lakes Animal Hospital, Dr. Sands, Cyndi, and Dr. Abel for their amazing medical care and treatment of our rescue bullies. Thanks for following along, this blog will move fast, so be sure to keep up daily and check the past entries for those you've missed. Enjoy!!!

Yesterday was a very busy day for Adopt-A-Bull and Heron Lakes Animal Hospital. Nine, yes 9, of our dogs went to the vet. Tater & Harley Rose (mother/daughter duo needed their intake exams, bloodwork, vaccines, snap tests, x-ray for mammory tumors), Lemon (entropion surgery), Champ (re-test blood work, Snap test, trying to figure out why his elevated temp won't go down) Bonnie (intake exam, bloodwork, 4dx snap test, vaccines, eye exam), Abby (mange re-test, blood in stool sample, urinalysis, deworm), Frodo (intake exam, skin scrap, fungal test, eye exam, 4dx bloodwork), Sally & Sam (our mix puppies, exam for kennel cough, meds). The grand total for the day, about $1100!!!.... and some very tired bullie mommies & wonderful foster parents!

Frodo, is still at the vet. We actually left him there over night, but not before giving him a good scrub down in the tub at Dr. Sands office. Boy, what a mess he was! Thankfully, us bullie mommies know how to clean up well :) So, today Frodo will be having x-rays done of his chest. He is gurgling and breathing really funny, we suspect possible pneumonia. Eventually Frodo will need entropion surgery on his eyes and need to be neutered. His dry eye test came back with extremely low tear production so that means Frodo has dry eye and will need eye drops daily. Half the chocolate chips on his fur are his coloring, but the other half are staff pustules, scabs, open sores. We are testing for ringworm, scabies, etc. Poor boy, he's definitely in rough shape :(

But wait, It's doesn't stop there! The good news is that on Saturday 3 adoptions were finalized: Bella Rose, Momma Terrier, and Frug!Whoooo Hoooo! But to replace them, we've gotten in 5 new bulldogs just this week! And the week isn't even over yet! So we welcome, Tater, Harley Rose, Bonnie, Frodo, and Bruno to Adopt-A-Bull!!!

Let's not forget Baby Preston who had his surgery just 2 days ago, on Wednesday, Dr. Abel at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital did an amazing job fixing Preston up. Preston is at home now recovering with foster mommie Michelle. Sorry, ladies, Dr. Abel is NOT up for adoption :(

Oh oh oh... let's not forget about Bruno! We got Bruno over the weekend and by Tuesday afternoon we already had him neutered and had Dr. Sands check out his hips. They are not good, Bruno goes to the orthopedic surgeon on 9-9-09 for a specialist eval.

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