Terrier Mix litter & Habinero

Posted September 27, 2009 11:44 am

Last month Adopt-A-Bull rescued a Momma Terrier mix and her litter of 4 pups from the pound. Yesterday the final pup was adopted! All four pups and momma have been placed in awesome loving homes. Congrats to all the pups and their forever homes!

Habinero was an unexpected rescue.... we were down at the pound and came across this little Shih Tzu mix and his legal time was up. Initally found as a stray and unclaimed by his owner, Habi was sitting at the shelter without any interested adopters or even a rescue hold. A red sign on his kennel door read "Ready to Go!" (A clear indicator that if he didn't "go" soon, as in get adopted or rescued, he'd surely be gone fast, as in put to sleep.) Needless to say, we couldn't leave him there so he soon joined the bullie pack! Here's Habi on his way home from the shelter:

This morning mommie Erica woke up, noticing Habi had become quite overgrown with hair, decided to try her hand at her first grooming attempt. Here's the final product:

Wilbur Diagnosis & Update.

Posted September 25, 2009 7:07 pm

The offical report just came back from Wilbur's ultrasound. It's 2 full pages of information, so sad to read. Here goes....Wilbur has been diagnosed with "pulmonic stenosis and right sided heart failure." His condition appears well advanced at this time, particularly with the degree of changes noted at his age. Essentially, Wilbur is fortunate to have lived this long, and it's predicted that his remaining days are numbered. He's on 3 different medications a day, administered every 12 hours sharp. Since his belly was drained over the course of the first 3 days we had him, he's remained stable. His belly has not filled back up with fluid and we are praying each day we wake up to find it the same size or smaller,but not bigger. Our worst nightmare is to have his belly fill up like that again. However, aside from a couple things here and there, Wilbur acts like a normal dog and his favorite friend is Yoshi the pug. He wants to run, wrestle and play - we are trying to keep him as calm as possible. He's a very sick boy, but doesn't even realize. We are hoping that donations/sponsorships come in for Wilbur on a consistent basis because we are determined to keep him comfortable, pain-free and happy until he goes to the rainbow bridge :(

Diesel, Frodo, Winston III, Bonnie, Izzy Bella & East 10 Tailgaters!

Posted September 24, 2009 10:07 am

Frodo had a slight setback in foster care. He's being self destructive by rubbing his face all over his crate to relieve the pain from a possible ear infection :( An emergency vet visit right before they closed was arranged so his wounds could be treated/medicated and he even got his head shaved!

Winston went to the vet Monday & he is heartworm negative (woohoo!) so he can start monthly preventative now! Luckily his leg injury is not too serious. It needs to be iced and he can't be too rough with it. Just needs some time to heal properly. He also needs daily ear medication to take care of a little infection. After 2 doses of capstar his fleas are finally gone and he is definitely happy about this! He's been very shy, but is starting to come out of his shell. Once comfortable, we think he'll be a playful little boy! He'll be going to a foster home this week.

Bonnie, our little yeasty butterball, is recovering very well from her spay last week. She was a bleeder, the vet had to put 15 staples to close her back up. Champ was so happy to welcome her back home!

Special thanks to the EAST 10 TAILGATERS who kindly donated $195 in cash and gift cards to help with our bullies! (Mommie Erica pictured with Baby Bella, now Izzy and the donated cards!)

Gummy, Lemon, Cookie, Frodo, Wilbur

Posted September 22, 2009 12:06 pm




Frodo's ultrasound revealed a small piece of fatty tissue near his heart, but nothing to be concered about at this time!

Party at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital! Stimpy, Gonzo, Dino & Winston III.

Posted September 21, 2009 7:00 pm

We all went to the vet on the same day! Don't worry, we are all doing alright, all things considered. We are all availabull for adoption! Stimpy Gonzo Dino

And Mommie Neely's favorite terror puppy...... Lemon aka, Noah, aka Chico!

Here's a little picture story of one of our newest rescues. Over the weekend, we got 3 separate bullies in less than 23 and a half hours!

Today's Updates in pictures: Bruno, Frodo, Dino, Bonnie, Winston III

Posted September 20, 2009 1:20 pm

Bruno is starting to walk slowly on his leg and put weight on it now; we go for therapy walks a couple times a day. During the majority of the day he's crate confined/activity restricted..... and it's oh.... so hard for him! He gets so mad seeing all his friends out and playing he cries and whimpers, it's so cute! Bruno will be ready for adoption in about 2 weeks, after his post-op re-check!

Frodo continues to do well in his foster home! He had another ultrasound done at the same time Wilbur had his, and we are expecting the offical results sometime this week.

Dino was adopted last year in September. He was recently returned to us and is now looking for a new forever home. He much prefers women over men. An ideal home for Dino includes one where a male figure is not present. When Dino entered our program last year, he was severely emactiated. Prior to adoption he was at an ideal weight, now he is overweight and is on a strict diet!

Bonnie is recovering nicely from her spay surgery. She's been very calm since the surgery, so although she's mostly crate confined, she's gotten to spend quite a bit of time out of the crate napping with the other bullies. She sleeps sitting up a lot; the 15 staples in her tummy must be tender! She just needs close supervision to not scratch at the staples!

Please welcome Adopt-A-Bull's newest intake as of late last night, Winston III, and as of 5pm today, Diesel! Read more under Avail-A-Bull's.

It doesn't look good for Wilbur the puppy :(

Posted September 19, 2009 5:22 pm

Thanks to everyone's donations, we were able to get Wilbur an ultrasound. And good thing we did because what we found is serious. The official results will be in next week. But the unofficial diagnosis is pulmonic stenosis.

What is Pulmonary Stenosis? PS is a congenital heart defect. Normally there are 3 leaflets of tissues in the pulmonary valves. This tissue acts as a seal, opening to allow blood to pass through. The most common form of PS in dogs occurs when the tissue leaflets thicken and fuse together, thus causing an obstruction of blood flow. Not as common is when the tissue surrounding the pulmonic valve leaflets is too narrow.It is not uncommon for puppies with PS to not have any clinical signs. Which is how so many places get away with selling sick puppy mill dogs! Symptoms don't come until later! Symtoms include exercise intolerance, collapse (similar to fainting, it may occur with excitement or exercise), and in severe cases- like Wilbur!- the right side of the heart will fail causing the abdomen to become distended with fluid.

So what are the treatments for PS? Dogs with mild to moderate pulmonic stenosis do not typically develop clinical signs or require an intervention. Unfortunately as we see with Wilbur's giant distended belly, his case is definitely severe. Generally, there are 2 intervention options: 1) Balloon valvuloplasty in which a catheter is placed into the jugular vein in the neck and directed into the right side of the heart; a balloon on the end is then placed across the pulmonic valve leaflets, which is inflated to open the valve. 2) Surgical repair can be performed in select dogs by a specialized cardiac vet.

Unfortunately, we don't think we will be able to proceed with these options due to some other complications Wilbur has going on with his heart. We will know more soon, so check back for updates. Please keep this bullie boy in your prayers. His treatment options are not looking promising. For now he is in stable condition on 3 different medications being administered every 12 hours. :(

Spencer, Frodo, Brucie, Gummy, Wilbur

Posted September 18, 2009 11:24 am

.... or perhaps it's the other way around as SHE always seems to be on top of HIM! :)

Frodo is doing fantastic in foster care! He's in a home with 2 poms, 1 lab and a couple children too! Frodo is coming along quite nicely. He's making good friends with his new foster brother & sisters, and is loving every ounce of attention he gets! He plays this new game where he steals all the toys, piles them up, then lays on them so the poms can't get them! LOL He loves when company comes over and politely seats himself as close to them as he can get.... He especially LOVES the ladies! He's known here as "Bully White" (Barry White). =x

Brucie is almost finished with his 2nd round of heartworm injections and will soon be ready for his forever home!

Gummy is ready for adoption, but no one has expressed interest in him :( His current foster mommy can no longer foster for us right now so Gummy needs a foster home transfer, a permanent home would be best though. If you can help foster, please call 954-802-1442 or 954-213-7648.

Stay tuned for daily updates! Save this link and share it with your contacts!

Wilbur, Bruno, Bonnie...

Posted September 17, 2009 11:00 am

Yesterday, Wilbur went back to the vet to have more fluid withdrawn from his tummy. We dropped him off this time and when we came back 2 hours later to pick him up his belly was noticeably smaller!

On Tuesday, a sample of the fluid extracted from Wilbur's tummy was send out the lab. The results just came back.... the fluid is consistent with either "cardiac insufficiency, compression of vessels from neoplasia or mass, inflammation of an organ...". The vet says Wilbur either has a heart problem or a tumor. Thanks to our awesome donors we have enough money now to proceed with an ultrasound. Wilbur's ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow.

Bonnie finally got spayed yesterday and even had a rotten tooth pulled! Thanks Dr. Abel for taking care of our smooshy princess!

Even thou we hadn't quite reached our goal for Bruno's surgery fund, we went ahead and got his surgery done anyway. Thankfully, our orthopedic specialist is very nice in allowing us to make payments if we needed to!

Wilbur: our newest intake. A baby boy, not a pregnant female.

Posted September 16, 2009 10:35 am

On 9-14-09 a bullie pup was picked up by the county as a stray. He would have remained there until his 5 day legal hold was up unless his owner claimed him during that time. Adopt-A-Bull contacted the shelter after reading his medical note that indicated "Demodex & bloated stomach" and inquired about his release on a medical foster. They said we could take him on a medical foster leave, but if his owner came forward during the next 5 days, we'd have to return him to the shelter. We agreed and made the trip down south to pull him from the shelter. Where we in for a shock when we actually saw him.... yes, it's a HIM! Not a pregnant female:

So, with mommy Erica freaking the heck out, we immediately loaded up in the car and drove as safe and as quick as we could to Heron Lakes Animal Hospital before they closed for the evening. Once there, we ran tests, blood work, more tests and then Dr. Sands drained nearly 2 full cups of fluid from his belly.

At first we suspected some type of intestinal worm infestation, but this is clearly much more serious. Wilbur seriously looks like big fat piglet, he even has the hair loss and coarse fur to go with it - that's why we named him Wilbur. (We had to change him name, the shelter named him Freddy and that's my husband's name...oops!) Wilbur has a heart murmur and the vet suspects a possible heart condition. Treatment for his severe demodex mange will come secondary to finding a definitive diagnosis for Wilber overall condition. At this point, an ultrasound is next in order. Please help us save Wilbur!

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