Cassidy has been adopted!!!

Posted October 30, 2008 11:06 am

Cass spent her final days in our program being loved by her wonderful foster family, her rescuers, the same people that found her tied to a tree giving birth approx. 6 months ago. Eddie, Vilma and their family have taken such wonderful care of Momma Cass, nursing her back to health and they are her true rescuers. Here is a pic of Momma Cass before she was discharged from our program ;)

Good Luck baby girl! Enjoy your new life with Daddy Brian!

Where is Momma Cass???!!??

Posted September 26, 2008 10:46 am

A few nights ago, Momma Cass almost scared me half to death... I was going around the house picking up and cleaning and all of a sudden realized that I hadn't seen Cass in awhile. I started going to her "usual" stops and she wasn't around. I checked the backyard although I clearly remember brining her in.... No Cass there either. I looked into my bedroom, the bathrooms, the office.... Cass was nowhere to be found!! In a panic I start yelling her name in hopes that she will appear out of some remote corner..... Nothing! At this point I am going insane and have a million thoughts racing through my mind. Did somebody snatch her? How do I explain this to Erica? How can I have lost Cass? Then I realize that there is one place that I have not looked; the boys' room. I run towards the room and noticed that the door is slightly open. I quickly turn on the lights and find our dear Cassandra sleeping on the toddler bed. She was in such deep sleep that she hadn't even heard me calling out for her. Poor baby was dead tired and found a comfy little bed just big enough for her. I couldn't help but run for the camera to try and get some shots of Cass playing Goldie Locks.

This weekend, the girls said "good-bye" to summer with one last doggy ice-cream day. Cass enjoyed her doggy ice cream as if she knew that she might not be getting any more for some time. The start of the fall season reminds me that Halloween is coming soon, so I have already started working on Cass' Halloween costume. This year, we will be dressing up in a Sesame Street theme and Momma Cass will be Big Bird. I promise that I will take tons of pictures for you!

I'm still available for adoption!!!

Posted September 12, 2008 4:07 pm

Aren't I cute? I've been in Adopt-A-Bull's rescue program for a while now and I'm looking for my forever home. If you are intested in adopting me please apply by filling out an application.

Cass Update!

Posted September 10, 2008 11:11 am

After months of living without a computer, we finally had our fixed and so I am sending you an update on our dear Cassidy. We have noticed many improvements in our sweet Momma Cass or "Cassandra" and she has been renamed recently. Her coat is healthier than ever, her ears are doing well, and she just looks happy and healthy. We have been trying to teach Cass some new tricks as well. I am pleased to announce that she has perfected the "sit" command. We are now working on "down" and "stay" but she seems to be having more difficulties with those commands. Also, Momma Cass no longer has accidents in the house J She now sits by the door and whines to get our attention if we have not noticed that the little lady needs to use the bathroom. She is still as patient and loveable with our children as the 1st day we got her, but her dislike for small animals (cats, rabbits, etc.) is still prevalent. We took Cass to the dog park the other day and let me tell you that she is the LAZIEST bully ever! She decided to lay under a tree and enjoy the breeze while watching Petunia and the kids have all the fun. We then treated the girls to a doggy ice-cream and a nice bath. Next weekend we hope to do the same and I will update you with more stories and pictures. We hope that every bully is doing well and we send you many kisses and bully grunts!!!

Still waiting for my forever home!!!

Posted August 6, 2008 12:07 pm

I'm spayed, healthy, get along with children, but not cats. :)

Foster Parent Update!

Posted July 16, 2008 9:10 pm
It's been a bit since I last wrote to update you on Momma Cass and I wanted to give you a brief update on her stay with us. A week after we got her back, we removed her stitches and let me tell you she is the best behaved bully EVER! She let me check her incision and remove the stitch with no problems. Her surgery looks great and she seems to be healing very nicely. We gave her a bath last weekend against her will but now she smells like a little lady again. Her coat looks healthy and shinny...what a change from when we first got her!! Her ears are doing very well and she has been a doll letting me brush her teeth- no complaints there! This weekend we plan on taking the girls to the dog park by our house (in the afternoon of course- we do not want any bully's getting heat stroke) and after dinner we will serve them doggy ice-cream to celebrate Cassidy's return. I have TONS of Cass pictures, but since our home computer broke, we cannot upload them I will try and get them sent to you by next week so that you can see how beautiful she looks. Until then, many wet, slobbery kisses from Momma Cass to all the bullies!!!

Cass is back with her original fosters... Welcome Back Cass

Posted June 30, 2008 10:45 am

.... turns out Cass does NOT like cats and for this reason she is back with her original fosters who have gladly welcomed her home!

"Momma Cass' first day back in Miami went GREAT. My oldest son Ricky had not noticed that we had gotten her back so he was extremely happy when he saw her. He was giving her so many hugs and kisses, that poor Cass was not even able to walk into our house. After wondering and sniffing the backyard for some time, she came back in and immediately ran to her favorite spot... the couch. Cassidy and Petunia spent most of the evening sleeping on the couch just like they would do before. We hope to send pictures soon and update you soon."

Momma Cass Last Night in Miami.

Posted June 17, 2008 9:49 am

Cassidy will be spayed this Wednesday and will spend her post-op recovery time in a local foster home that may very well turn into her forever home. Here's a message from her current foster family and saviors.

"Since this will probably be Cassidy's last night with us, I wanted to take some time to update you on her one last time. After hearing about Cass' new potential forever home and that she would be leaving us the next day, I couldn't help but cry. I shed tears of joy that our little girl has possibly found a home for her to spend the rest of her life in and also tears of sadness to see our sweet little angel go away. Eddie and I have contemplated MANY times on adopting Cass, but unfortunately our current situation does not allow for another dog. On her last night with us, Cass was allowed back on her favorite spot... the couch. She slept most of the evening, only waking up to beg for human food (I cannot believe she still tries after all this time, talk about persistence!) or to go outside and roll on the tile. I had planned on taking her to the park, but it poured so we just wrestled and played indoors instead. I washed her collar, favorite blankie, and toy (a stuffed rabbit she stole from the boy's room) and prepared her going away bag. I couldn't help but stare at her and smile while she played with the boys and Petunia. She has come such a long way in such short time. Cass went from being a filthy, shy girl to a beautiful, confident bullie. At that moment, I realized what fostering is really all about. It's about loving the unloved and wanting the unwanted. It's about helping, teaching, and guiding. It's about having a dog look a human in the eye and realize that we are not all bad. It's about showing them what a "dog's life" should really be like. Although my heart is breaking into a million tiny pieces, I have the satisfaction that Momma Cass is now a happy bullie that is ready to be part of a family. Thank you Erica and everyone at Adopt-a-Bull for all your work. Thank you for allowing us to foster and love Cassidy! Thank you for saving the world, one bullie at a time!! J "

What Momma wants... Momma gets!!

Posted June 10, 2008 9:40 am

Foster family update! Everything with us is great, but we just wanted to update you on our little Momma Cass. Thanks so much for the ear medication you sent us; it has worked like a charm! Cassidy's ears are doing much better J I believe Cass is also ready to be spayed. Her boobies are doing well, though I believe that she might need "plastic surgery" to lift some back to their proper place-LOL. Her dry nose condition is also doing better now that we are applying Vaseline to it. Luckily she is a good sport and does not eat too much of it off. We are still working on our little girl's potty issues. She has days that are GREAT and accident free and others that she needs extra help with. We think we have found the cause of this potty situation... the couch. Momma Cass refuses to get off the couch for anything (unless its food, of course!) and so she spends hours and hours without going outside. When we make her go outside, she does it in such a hurry to come back inside to her couch that she ends up not really going potty. This seems to be causing our bathroom incidents in the house. We have decided to "ban" Cass for the couch for the time being and try to get her to stop "going" inside the house. Cass has also developed a great, little personality. She is much more confident and walks around as if she owns the place. She believes that she is some kind of royalty (which she is) and that we have to obey her every command (her Grrrrr's). Since Eddie has been working from home now, Cass has decided to adopt him as her favorite human. She sits under his desk while he works and kisses and playfully nibbles on his toes to try to get his attention. IT IS SOOO CUTE!!! She is going to make a great addition to any household, especially one with children. In the meantime, we are enjoying the time we have with Cass.

Update from foster parents!

Posted May 19, 2008 8:10 pm

She is having the time of her life at our place-coming out of her shell more and more each day. We have grown so attached to her in such a short period of time. Cass sends all her love and hopes to see you soon!!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Cass gives kisses to her sister, Petunia.

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